Descenders' Tous codes (July 2022)

Descenders' Tous codes (July 2022) ...

Descenders is a frantic downhill biking game in which youre sits in the driver''s seat. If you don''t pay attention and get your approach to every corner, elevation, or drop just right, the ride is over. One of the best things about the game is the plethora of skins you can unlock to make your rider look as unique as possible. This article includes every code for Descenders so that you can unlock even more outfits to take the mountain on.

All codes for Descenders

  • ADMIRALCREEP: Unlocks the AdmiralBulldog Jersey
  • DRAE: Unlocks the Draegast Jersey
  • YEAHTHEBOYS: Unlocks the Jackhuddo Jersey
  • SPEEDISKEY: Unlocks the Jacksepticeye Jersey
  • MANFIST: Unlocks the MANvsGAME Jersey
  • NLSS: Unlocks the NLSS Jersey
  • SMILE: Unlocks the RockLeeSmile Jersey
  • SODAG: Unlocks the Sodapoppin Jersey
  • LOVE: Unlocks the Flag Heart
  • SLASH: Unlocks the Discord Bike
  • BUGGS: Unlocks the Bay Area Buggs Jersey
  • FIREKITTEN: Unlocks the Firekitten Jersey
  • SOMETHINGRAD: Unlocks the Something Rad Jersey
  • SPOOPY: Unlocks the Skeleton Jersey and the Skeleton Pants
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS: Unlocks the Kinetic Christmas Jersey, Enemy Christmas Jersey, Arboreal Christmas Jersey, Arboreal Christmas Jersey, and the Descenders Christmas Jersey
  • CIVRYAN: Unlocks the CivRyan Jersey
  • ICEFOXX: Unlocks the Cashcow Bell, Cashcow Bike, Cashcow Jersey, Cashcow Mask, and the Cashcow Pants
  • TEAMRAZER: Unlocks the TeamRazer Jersey and the TeamRazer Shorts
  • TOASTY: Unlocks the Toasty Ghost Jersey
  • FUNHAUS: Unlocks the Funhaus Jersey
  • TABOR: Unlocks the Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey
  • WARCHILD: Unlocks the War Child Jersey and War Child Pants
  • NATIONS Multiple nation sets
  • PRIDE 13 Flags
  • SPE Spe set
  • DOGTORQUE Dogtorque set
  • KINGKRAUTZ Kingkrautz set
  • CUSTOM Custom Gear
  • HIGHVOLTAGE High Voltage Set
  • STABLE Training Set

How to redeem codes in Descenders

  • Launch Descenders
  • Open the settings menu
  • Click on the redeem option
  • Type in the code you wish to redeem
  • Confirm the code and the reward will be redeemed