Baymax Is A Kids Show, Its Representation Isnt Subtle

Baymax Is A Kids Show, Its Representation Isnt Subtle ...

Conservatives are dissatisfied with cartoons once more. This isnt the first time I have seen no-nonsense outrage at shows or films that seek to further represent and educate young viewers about key issues.

Baymax, a game based on a series of colorful scenes where a healthcare companion discovers himself shopping for tampons and is taught about periods from a variety of different characters, including those from different races and ethnicities. Of course, some individuals on the internet are dissatisfied with media''s attempts to teach lessons they are too afraid to teach themselves. Im not convinced that they are actually pissed, instead kicking up a stink to punch down on minorities with this bizarre faux outrage.

A right-wing dispshit was working on an exclusive post on social media, which was not really exclusive because it went to several other outlets at the time. Regardless, the period scene showed whole length, believing it to be another nail in Disney''s woke coffin, which would soon turn them into a twisted, rainbow-spewing monster spawn. Even if their business dealings and political donations make their rainbow capitalism feel like an overall pittance.

The show''s appearance itself is a small part of the show, although it might be somewhat indecent. Baymax requests a random lady (voiced by The Owl Houses Sarah Nicole-Robles) for some advice on feminine hygiene products. Once it becomes clear that hes here purchasing them for a young girl, a barrage of random people come out of nowhere and start recommending all kinds of pads, tampons, and more.

It''s a sweet moment, filled with accurate terminology and an approach to the subject that is honest about what periods are, and how young viewers will eventually need to know them when the time comes. Baymax does not do exactly that, but it certainly does more than most other things there.

Although the trans character made me cringe a little bit, it comes from someone who has been waiting for Disney to introduce trans characters across its stories. Instead of wearing a badge, charm, or having a part of his character design hint at his queer identity with a bit of subtlety, the dude is wearing a t-shirt with flags colours blazoned across it. Baymax is also a small-scale comedy, which does not appear to be a big deal.

I''m also not the target audience, but young viewers may not be aware of LGBTQ+ identities or the flags associated with them, and scenes such as this will enable them to formulate questions and ask their parents or relatives to teach them more about the world and them. Despite all the need to be made, shows like Baymax are showing that, even if the execution could involve a bit of work.

Another scene I want to talk about, which follows a man clumsily asking another man out on a date as Baymax reflects in the background. It hasnt received the same level of attention from bigoted groups because it doesnt revolve around periods, women, or trans people, but its yet another example of clear representation that isnt afraid to manifest the romantic bond between two persons of the same sex or gender. Its very nice, and youd have to stretch pretty far to discover something to be mad

I love that shows and films - when they aren''t censored or cancelled that is - are now depicting examples of period, trans people, gay romance, and other things that once were forbidden. Despite the fact that the majority of media remains made to appeal to straight white cis men, right-wing fools who disagree with their intentions or believe they exist only to muddy the minds of young people are wrong and foolish.

I have always advocated for children''s animation that respects young viewers, and that is willing to offer them key phrases and stories that can impact many of them. Yet the flipside is also true, and how shows like Baymax are capable of teaching important life lessons and normalizing the presence of queer representation in a way that feels welcome and necessary. While the fact it tries at any rate is worth applauding.

When a television show fails to do it for them, Conservative parents are so afraid to talk to their children about the world that they will become a victim. It blows me away every time.