The first pre-Alpha trailer for Skate states that the EA is "still working on it."

The first pre-Alpha trailer for Skate states that the EA is "still working on it." ...

Skate 4 has a new trailer that looks quite like the pre-alpha footage from months ago, at least to start. The first few moments of the trailer show some pretty gnarly wipeouts from some untextured mannequins, along with some weird bugs and crashes. EA admits that its "still working on" Skate 4 and what we see is "pre-pre-alpha."

There''s also reason to get excited by this trailer. EA confirmed another leak from months ago that players would be able to create their own skateparks. The trailer depicts a massive vertical wall that looks like its for rock climbing, but it''s actually for skaters to test their mettle and hopefully avoid free-falling to their deaths (thankfully, injury in this latest version of Skate)

The trailer depicts a vibrant skatepark with real lighting and textures. Players may even forego their skateboard entirely as one is seen parkouring on a wall while another cross the barres on a jungle gym.

"We told you were back, and were still working on it," wrote the trailer owner. "It''s still early, but we want to get this done, and that means we want you to become a part of it."

EA is putting out a call for "insiders" to "help shape Skate''s future." Insiders will be able to play early versions of the game in scheduled playtests, and provide feedback directly to the developers. These will be closed tests, and the FAQ page confirms that insiders will not be able to share images, videos, or stream these playtests, at least to start. The rules will likely change as the game approaches, and EA is considering generating some significant buzz

Insiders must be 18 years old and there is no guarantee you will be invited to playtest. Here. Skate''s next closed playtest is scheduled for July 5, so sign up now for your chance to enter.