Give Every Nintendo Series A Tactics Spin-off

Give Every Nintendo Series A Tactics Spin-off ...

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is now available for Nintendo Switch this October. In the brief picture, Mario slides tackles a Bob-Omb, causing it to shine red and tick down, then picks it up and throws it against two other Bob-Ombs, and a Rabbid lurking near. This is caused by an area-of-effect attack that causes all enemies to decommission into currency.

This one small bit of gameplay got me significantly more excited for this game than I previously thought. Despite liking Mario''s 2017 predecessor well enough, I''m surprised how few of the enemies drew from Mario''s existing roster. Instead, you had the big, giant, large, hulking Rabbid, which included a pillar around the battlefield to crush Mario and pals. You had the Buckler, a large Rabbid, but equipped with a huge gun and shield.

It''s clear that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle drew from one of the greatest rosters of memorable enemies in gaming. Not only because it''s a familiar face, but because it shows that the game is considering how to incorporate Mario''s enemies and is developing a specific tactical approach.

I''m hoping that the inclusion of the Bob-Omb fuels a steady infusion of the plumber''s iconic foes. Bowser showed up in the trailer (and as a boss in the first game), but I''m hoping that the below-the-line enemies get brought over. Give me an underwater level with Cheep Cheeps as the opponent, or a fight across an archipelago where Mario and friends must cross the road. Give me a boss fight where you have

The addition of new footage of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is putting me at work for other Nintendo series to get the tactical treatment. Obviously, Nintendo already has some fantastic tactical series like Fire Emblem and (the indefinitely delayed, but eventually returning) Advance Wars. There are also a number of other games that may benefit from the transition to turn-based tactical combat. Even if they initially appear like an odd fit.

In Breath of the Wild, a Zelda strategy game set in Hyrule, a grid-based game. Unlike Link''s Awakening, the ability to combat tactically, but Breath of the Wild''s if-you-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it-style tactics title may make for exciting Divinity: Original Sin 2-style strategy title. The bombs might cover vast sections of the battlefield in short time, while Lynels might be the

The battlefield might be littered with upgrades that players would need to find in certain areas of the battlefield, while using certain attacks. Im imagining a screw attack upgrade that allows the player to reach an elevated area of the map, then spray missiles down on their enemies. Or a speed boost that might allow you to sprint across the map, causing damage to any enemies in your way.

Animal Crossing would create a social strategy game similar to the Crusader Kings, in which you would find out how to get rid of villagers you dislike, and find the appropriate gifts to give in order to protect them. A Kirby game might explore the greedy businessman who is working on several shady companies in an effort to steal coins, according to the Zoo Tycoon.

If you think hard enough, most Nintendo series will follow suit. Ubisoft is putting Bob-Ombs to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, making me think they''re on the right track. If only they would add that colon.