Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman will play sisters in a new lifetime film The Hammer, which has been released by Reba Reunion

Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman will play sisters in a new lifetime film The Hammer, which has be ...

In the past, the roots of the next made-for-TV film, Lifetimes, have been uncovered.

The Hammer, a new film based on Kim Wanker''s life, will be released just fifteen years after WB-turned-CW sitcom Reba ended its six-season run.

Kim Wheeler, an outspoken, firecracker lawyer, is named Judge of the 5th District of Nevada in America, according to the official synopsis. Kim finds herself covering a circuit that stretches between Las Vegas and Reno, a difficult, often desolate area where everything can happen. With a little of work, she then gives her the nickname The Hammer.

The investigation of Kim''s former judges'' deaths is heated, and Kim''s sister Kris (Peterman, who runs the local brothel, has become the prime suspect. Consequently, Kim is forced to do so even harder to ensure appropriate justice is served.

McEntires'' real-life boyfriend, CSI: Miami vet Rex Linn, and Totally Normals Kay Shioma Metchie are all included. A premiere date has not been announced.

Reba Hart, a single mother who worked too hard and never had to give up after her husband left her for his ditzy dental hygienest, Petermans Barbra Jean, spoke about her over the course of the series, despite her best efforts to keep Brock''s second wife at an arms length. This process sparked confusion in the near future when Brock and Barbra Jean purchased the house.

McEntire previously resigned with Peterman on CMTs Working Class and Freeforms Baby Daddy. Interestingly, while both McEntire and Peterman currently appear on CBS Young Sheldon, sometimes even appearing in the same episode, their partners June Ballard and Brenda Sparks have never crossed paths. (Linn, who also recurs on the Big Bang Theory prequel as Principal Petersen, only recently shared a scene with Petermans Brenda in the January 27 episode, A Lock-In, a

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