Scott Adsit on Why the 'Big Hero 6' Character Is So Beloved, According to 'Baymax!'

Scott Adsit on Why the 'Big Hero 6' Character Is So Beloved, According to 'Baymax!' ...

Baymax!, the lovable, compassionate and inflatable healthcare companion created by Don Hall, is putting his skill to the test in five episodes, including to assist a variety of individuals, as well as one cat. Across the six episodes, Baymax has a purity of purpose to help people and their lives improve.

During this 1-on-1 conversation with Collider, Adsit talked about what he thought of Baymax when he first saw the character, why Baymax is so popular, including setting up a recording studio in his closest location to help handle this during the COVID shutdown, and how Baymax might improve the zombies in the Walking Dead universe.

Collider: Thank you for your help in providing us with additional Baymax. It always enthuses me.

SCOTT ADSIT: Oh, good. That''s what he does here for.

On a good note, one of my favorite aspects about the Spider-Man tour on Disney California Adventure is that there is a Baymax toy inside the claw machine in the W.E.B. workshop. I like to check in on him every time I go on the ride, just to make sure he''s still there. Have you ever wondered if he is the Spider-Man villain?

No, I have to. I haven''t been to the Avengers Campus yet. I like going to Disneyland when I am in L.A., but I haven''t been there in two and a half years. I need to get back to basics. It''s a claw machine in the Spider-Man''s world, does that mean he''s in the universe? That''s good.

Yeah, it''s very fun. When you first saw Baymax''s character and you first recorded the voice for him, realized you would have any clue you''d still bevoicing him once more? Could you ever imagine that he would become such a beloved character?

ADSIT: I had a difficult time imagining that by the end of the project I would still be entitled to this privilege. I just thought, This is a fantastic story with fantastic characters, all around. It''s just amazing. It''s like going into the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and seeing behind the scenes how they made their genius work. It''s just incredible. It''s just astoundingly amazing. It''s really amazing. But I couldn''t say enough about it. I just thought, I

Is this always a special character for you?

ADSIT: In the same way that every character I play, I strive to make special. I knew this had something else going for it. Being a Disney project, I knew that the quality would have to be so high because Disney has very high standards for their storytelling. I knew that it would be different from other games Ive played, because there would be a purity to it, which reflects Disney''s genius, understanding of character, and human condition.

Is it as simple as Baymax''s character? Are you surprised that he seems to really adapt in and work in any situation, situation, or situation, and that he can actually interact with a wide range of people and various groups of people?

ADSIT: Yeah. He really is the best aspects of all of us, so he works with anyone whos human because we recognize in him the aspects of ourselves we admire most. When we sit down and really take ourselves into account, it is the qualities that we admire most in ourselves. So when we see Baymax being Baymax, we were seeing ourselves at our most pure.

It''s not just with humans. He can even win over a cat, something not everyone can do.

ADSIT: As far as I know, no one can win over a cat. But yea, he does it.

Baymax is a character that has genuine compassion, compassion, and compassion, and he never has any judgment. In a world in which everything might burn down, does it ever feel difficult to get involved with him, or is he always the warmth you deserve?

ADSIT: I think why he remains popular is because, in spite of everything thats going on, he remains the greatest part of humanity. He is helpful. Hes interested. Hes got knowledge to impart. Hes all empathy. When the world gets dangerous or unkind, empathy is what we all need, and Baymax is a person who can do that.

Youve played Baymax in an ongoing story with Big Hero 6, and now you get these little shorts, which all eventually connect, but you get to see him in several different scenarios. What''s the thrill in that?

ADSIT: Because he is respectful about who he is, no matter who he is dealing with, so it''s always fun. What''s funny about Baymax is that it is not what he says or does, it is how people react to him. Each time, we get to see how different kinds of people react to him. That''s where all the fun comes from. I really like seeing Baymax in a room with a different person, each time, and seeing what''s different. In his very

During the COVID shutdown, you built a recording studio in your closet. What goes into making that happen, and in which ways is it different from the typical process? Can you do the process anywhere, or are there difficulties when you have to do it in a situation similar?

ADSIT: Being a little too shabby because my closet opens up with two doors and I put a soundproof lid on it. And then, I leave a curtain, which is the bedspread, over that, and then the fourth wall of the closet is the bedspread. So, when I start directing my own session and to be my own engineer for the session, I urge you, do this. By opening my curtain, hitting buttons, closing my curtain, and returning to the mic. I am really

I think it''s so interesting that you play live-action acting roles, and that youve even been in World Beyond''s The Walking Dead universe. What do you think Baymax would do to confront a world with zombies, in which he wouldn''t be able to do much to assist them?

ADSIT: He would seek to be more active. He might also try to reduce their hunger, perhaps with diet recommendations. He might also make them vegetarian. He might also try to avoid causing harm. He would also try to alleviate their anxiety. He would also use a lot of gauze and bandages to assist the zombies first because they are the most injured. I think he may be able to alleviate their hunger in them and make them a little healthier.

If anyone could do it, I believe Baymax would do it.

Yes. ADSIT: Yes.

Baymax! is available on Disney+. The trailer for the current trailer can be seen here.