Why Shouldn't 'Kingdom Hearts' Be Able To Its 'Final Fantasy' Elements?

Why Shouldn't 'Kingdom Hearts' Be Able To Its 'Final Fantasy' Elements? ...

Tetsuya Nomura discussed Kingdom Hearts IV with Game Informer earlier this year. There was not much to the point in the revelations in the interview, so he revealed that Sora will remain the main character, that there will still be Disney worlds visits, and that he wouldnt have any additional updates for a while. Based on previous experiences, a while might end up being quite a while, so no one should be wary of breaking news unless you jump on the new mobile game Kingdom

The original Kingdom Hearts was filled with colourful icons from Square Enix''s flagship series, both big and small. Unlike Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy VII and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII, so Sora encounters a team of moogles throughout the game. Of course, the characters were later incorporated into the story. Cloud, the star of VII, is now waiting out in the Disney worlds.

There are no characters on the show in Kingdom Hearts. Both Leon and his gang are in league with King Mickey to fight against the darkness that dominates the world. Theyre well-positioned to provide information. On top of that, they are all from the same world as the games'' ultimate villain Ansem and Hollow Bastion, who initially had to do Hades bidding until Sora and Hercules came to the rescue. That''s all for his part in the plot, but Leon and his team are both there

The impressions of Soras'' memory cards are still important in certain levels of the game. They also keep up the good work of removing plot and lore details, and they serve as Soras battle partners in a key bit of gameplay, with Cloud getting a subplot based on his encounter with Sephiroth, also from VII, as well. And thats excluding the notable role played by Xs Auron and the Gullwings from Final Fantasy X-2.

Cloud, Leon, and the gang were all ignored in Kingdom Hearts III, which was initially released and made only a brief introduction to the Re Mind DLC expansion. However, as Kingdom Hearts III was intended as the final of the Dark Seeker Saga that the Final Fantasy characters had been so involved in, many a fan was confused and anxious. It was only one of the many, many, many difficulties with Kingdom Hearts III, but it was among the most visible.

In Nomura''s recent interview, the team behind the game was concerned about the fate of the Final Fantasy characters. The first games used Final Fantasy concepts to help introduce Sora and the other original characters to the series and enhance their appearance in a similar way. Since Kingdom Hearts III was the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga, a war involving numerous villains and a large roster of new members, why would they take focus?

Yasue is enormously involved in the development of these games, and Nomura would understand better than anyone else''s intentions. But these answers do not fill the obstacle left in Kingdom Hearts III due to a lack of representation.

The early involvement in Kingdom Hearts II is given the impression that the crew of Leons is as thorough as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are all familiar with the story, and by the time of Kingdom Hearts II, they are more likely to be involved in the main story than any other Disney worlds. This is because they were both both from their own home country, as well as from King Mickeys and Yen Sids. The villains are also involved in the restoration of Hollow Bastion to Radiant Garden, which makes

There is also the fact that, for all purposes and purposes, the Final Fantasy figures who appear in the Kingdom Hearts games are original characters. With a few exceptions, their origins and occupations are rewritten so that they may be anyone. For those who came to this series by way of Disney, there were little to no knowledge of Final Fantasy VIII. Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie are so different in their age, role, and character that they may be anybody. Also, since Leon, Cloud, and others

Kingdom Hearts is a concept that should never be ignored on paper, and many of Disney''s content might not be appropriate. If the series didn''t exist, and someone told you that there should be a video game where Donald Duck appeared to be a human being, causing a fire to occur in the tournament set in Disney''s Hercules, youd probably think they were nuts. However, the series does not work, and it still worked well, and that was significant in its character. Bringing it back in

If some original characters were dropped, that would certainly exacerbate the series'' problems with an overstuffed cast. Nomura seemed to acknowledge that was a possibility. It would also not address the ridiculously confusing plot at this point, the sidelining of Kairi, or the flattening of Soras character, but it''s a matter for another day and another Nomura update, a while later.