The 10 Best Action Films from Yesteryear That Deserve Legacy Sequels Like 'Top Gun Maverick'

The 10 Best Action Films from Yesteryear That Deserve Legacy Sequels Like 'Top Gun Maverick' ...

Top Gun: Maverick is smashing the global box office in a seemingly unimaginable turn of events. After being delayed from its original 2020 release due to the epidemic, Maverick has now arrived, and audiences are mulling it up. This year, it has even defeated box office kings Marvel, putting the sequel Doctor Strange to the Multiverse of Madnessas, the highest-grossing film in North America, and is on track to repeat that feat worldwide.

Despite the original being about forty years old, the sequel has resonated with audiences and given new meaning to its characters. If Maverick sets a precedent for legacy sequels in the action genre, then the following classic films are ripe for a modern revival.

''''Lethal Weapon'''' (1987)

Two LAPD detectives who have been forced to work together to stop a drug-smuggling ring, led by loose cannon Riggs (Mel Gibson) and veteran Murtaugh (Danny Glover. Over the years, three sequels and a television reboot have sparked interest.

The relationship between Gibson and Glover is complicated, and the chance to see the two partners bickering in their old age is ripe with hope. Murtaugh constantly claims "he is getting too old for this shit," and how about a chance to demonstrate it. As the two retired officers are brought into one more case.

Lethal Weapon is currently available on HBO Max.

''''Big Trouble in Little China'''' (1986)

Big Trouble in Little China, a cult classic written by John Carpenter, matches Kurt Russell for the fourth time. Russell plays Jack Burton, a macho truck driver who travels across the country to assist save his friend''s kidnaped wife.

The film consists of a huge amount of world-building spanning Chinese mythology and the supernatural underworld, particularly in the days of animated movies from the 1980s. Carpenter made an effort to keep an eye on Chinese culture, and a modern sequel that combines this magical realism into the modern-day might have the same appeal asShang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings.

Starz can stream Big Trouble in Little China.

''''Rush Hour'''' (1998)

Despite their large differences, Hong Kong detective Lee (Chan) and LA detective Carter are assigned to the case. Though they were initially hostile, they soon grow on one other.

Like Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour is designed to be a result of Tucker and Chan''s interactions. The series ended with Rush Hour 3, an unfairly hated entry in Chan''s legacy. A proper sequel, with an aged Tucker and Chan, will allow fans to reconnect with the characters and see how their connection has evolved in their younger age.

HBO Max may stream Rush Hour.

''''Commando'''' (1985)

Commando is likely to feature just Arnold Schwarzenegger''s movies, but it is also one of his best. Arnie is a youngster born in the United States after being kidnapped by previous figures. He''ll use every pistol, knife, and gardening technique he can get his hands on to save the day.

Commando is a classic 80s cheese, with Arnie cutting one-liners as he dispatches goons in an R-rated manner. It''s possible that a sequel might combine Matrix with his grown-up daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano) to form a new army of thugs.

Commando is now available on Starz.

''''Tango and Cash'''' (1989)

Tango and Cash join in the straight-laced, by Ray Tango (Sylvester Stallone) and Gabe Cash, who was imprisoned, and they are forced to work together to escape, clear their names, and find those responsible.

Tango & Cash might have produced multiple sequels, like Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour, with follow-ups focused on the friendship between the two leads, similar to Maverick and Iceman''s.

''''Cobra'''' (1986)

Cobra performs Marion "Cobra" Cobretti, a streetwise cop who is attempting to combat crime in another under-looked film from Sylvester Stallone. When a mysterious cult appears and begins killing innocent people, Cobra is forced to protect the only surviving witness as the cult hunts her.

Cobra is a unique action film that has almost morphed into a slasher. After originally being rated X, the film had to be reduced to achieve an R rating. In 2019, Stallone claimed that Robert Rodriguez is involved in remaking.

''''Last Action Hero'''' (1993)

When a young boy is sucked into the world of his favorite action series, he meets with star of the film, Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to overcome the villains that threaten to invade the real world.

The Last Action Hero teases the crazes of 1980s action films, including those Arnie starred in. Although these action films are rare in Hollywood today, a modern retelling that focuses on a youngster finding themselves trapped in a superhero film might sooth the genre.

Last Action Hero is now available on Netflix.

''''Demolition Man'''' (1993)

When reckless police officer John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is erupted in a crime-free manner in 2032. The nemesis Phoenix (Wesley Snipes, a ruthless murderer), was unfrozen earlier and fled to commit a crime spree. Spartan is forced to confront the accused.

Part of what makes Demolition Manworks so exciting is its futuristic setting. Spartan is a fish out of water in his new peaceful environment and is accompanied with officer Huxley (Sandra Bullock) to show him the ropes. A new sequel might show how Spartan has adapted to his new surroundings in the years since the original film, and how he has expanded his own personality into the time period.

On Hulu, Demolition Man is available for stream.

''''Escape from New York'''' (1981)

Escape from New York stars Russell as Snake Plissken, a suspect who is sent into a futuristic crime-ridden New York City to save the American President. If Snake does the mission within 24 hours, he will be granted his freedom.

A sequel, Escape from L.A., was initially released in 1996 but was denied access, ending the series. A remarkable story on popular culture, videogame inventor Hideo Kojima claims the film was inspired by his Metal Gear Solidseries and its protagonist Snake.

''''Beverly Hills Cop'''' (1984)

When his best friend is murdered, Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) travels to Beverly Hills, where she gets a seat. The Beverly Hills Cop was a smash hit with both critics and at the box office, which enabled Murphy to stardom. Both sequels slowed, though neither was as successful as the original.

In 2013, a television program was developed that would follow Foley''s son, while Murphy provided a surprise. Eventually, the network decided to develop a fourth film. However, speculation has erupted over its production for years, but Netflix is likely to produce Beverly Hills Cop IV in the near future.

Showtime is available for download. Beverly Hills Cop is also available.