EA is giving you the chance to play the new Skate early

EA is giving you the chance to play the new Skate early ...

Electronic Arts on Thursday reminded fans of its Skate series still waiting for Skate 4 that yes, the developer is still developing it yet! and is requesting that players sign up for a chance to play the next Skate game early to provide feedback on its development. EA also shared a pre-pre-alpha look at the new Skate on YouTube, showing off new features and gameplay in a video.

We told you were back on the game, and we were still working on it, according to the game''s official website, but it''s time for you to see what weve been up to. It''s still early, but we want to make this happen, and that''s why we want you to be part of it.

Skate fans may play early versions of the game and provide feedback, as well as indicating that these playtests will be closed, invite-only, and that users will not be permitted to share video, screenshots, or livestreams of what they play. EA''s website has an FAQ.

After a long campaign in which members of the game shared the #skate4 hashtag, EA announced the company developing the new Skate, a studio branded Full Circle. Daniel McCulloch, formerly a Microsoft general manager, and Deran Chun and Chris Cuz Parry are among the artists leading the series.

Skate 3, which was released in 2010, was originally developed by an EAs Black Box studio in Vancouver. That group was then merged into EA Canada, and Black Box was shut in 2013.