After art style complaints, Ron Gilbert will not share any more about Return to Monkey Island

After art style complaints, Ron Gilbert will not share any more about Return to Monkey Island ...

Ron Gilbert, the creator of the point-and-click Monkey Island series, will no longer talk about or demonstrate his next game: Return to Monkey Island.

Gilbert has received a slew of rants from fans about Return to Monkey Island, starting with a Facebook page (Grumpy Gamer) and the game''s new art style. So, starting with Gilbert''s blog (Grumpy Gamer), Gilbert says he hasn''t posted anything about it. After defending the game and the team on his blog, he said: "The joy of sharing"

Return to Monkey Island''s art style is a major departure from the pixel-to-Disney visuals in the series. Instead, the game is evolving into a more abstract style, which includes recent games like Guacamelee and other things.

Fans nudge much for the change in a previous blog post (captured by Eurogamer) but its taken on a fresh stance because thats what the creator wanted. It may not be the art style you wanted or expected, but it is the art style I wanted, according to Gilbert.

Everyone, you deserve to have a great time. (I''ve seen a shady but polite/polite-adjacent discussion on Ron''s blog.)

While Gilbert is discussing Return to Monkey Island, the voice actor for Guybrush Threepwood Dominic Armato, who plays Gilbert in the series, has posted a message on Twitter, defending Gilbert and the game itself.

Armato, who claims to have done a playthrough of the game this spring, talked with fans about the art and shared his general disappointment with the venom some fans were spitting Gilbert and the teams way Gilbert retweeted the thread.

Armato spoke on Twitter with a simple but powerful statement in support of the development team: Regardless of what you want Monkey Island to be, im going out on a limb and suggest that making this a chore rather than a pleasure for the developers is the quickest way to ensure it wont be anything for anyone.

As of this writing, the Gilberts blog is down, and it''s unclear how long it will last as long as it is still going on that way. However, it appears that fans have heard the last of Return to Monkey Island until its release later this year.