The first phase of the Halo Infinites campaign co-op beta will be released on July 11, and the mission will be replayed

The first phase of the Halo Infinites campaign co-op beta will be released on July 11, and the missi ...

When the 343 Industries test period begins July 11, Halo Infinite players will be able to try out the campaign co-op. The 10-day event, run from July 11 to July 22, is open to anyone who has a Facebook account or an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The full launch of the Halo Infinites campaign co-op is expected later this year, according to 343 Industries. Both the campaign co-op and Halo Infinites level-editor Forge Mode have been postponed a few times. No word has been reached on the official release date for either campaign co-op or Forge mode.

You will not be able to try this out on your current Halo Infinite save, however. Players must download a new campaign test build and start fresh no progress will carry over from your original save, and progress will not return to your original game either. During this period, players will also be able to replay Halo Infinite campaign missions with a new feature, Mission Replay, which was missing from the games last year.

Players who have access to the game from Steam have a valid valid valid valid validity until July 5, but there is no chance for them to play elsewhere.

Alongside the launch date of the Halo Infinite beta, 343 Industries discussed with Isaac Bender, the main software engineer, and world designer John Mulkey. It explained how the co-op works, although the two authors discussed all aspects of the beta, implying that all players have access to the opportunity to make progress on their own campaigns individually, all while playing together. A squad of Master Chiefs!

Here''s how Mulkey and Bender interpreted it:

Mulkey: This is one of the areas I am really excited about. The goal going in was to allow everyone to play their campaigns together. This meant that all progress made in the game, regardless of whether it be through Solo or Co-Op play, could be halted. I might be playing Solo campaign for a few hours, then jump into Solo play and all mission achievements, acquired collectibles, equipment recovered, and achievements earned would be maintained. Gone are the days of playing someone elses game while earning no progress.

We are able to do this by employing something similar to that of No Spartan Left Behind. When players join the Fireteam and select their save slots to play on, the game divides all missions across those saves and sets up a global state in which any missions completed by all Fireteam members are marked as complete, while any missions not completed by all are marked as incomplete.

Isaac: This is the world''s lowest common denominator (or intersection, if you are into set theory) of everybody''s Campaign progress. This way, no one is doing missions out of order.

Any unlocks you find in Co-Op are retained in a single-player game. So, if you''re having a terrible time collecting a Skull, you may get it in a game with a friend, and if they collect it while you were in the session, it''s also possible!

Mulkey and Bender discussed adding the Mission Replay feature. Despite the initial completion, some Halo Infinite levels and areas were still closed off from players, specifically the first area. Without this feature, players will be able to return to any mission, including those previously gated, without beginning a new save file.

When highlighting a complete mission, you may replay missions from the Tac-Map.

On the Halo Waypoint blog, you can get the full interview.