An open-world remake of Simpsons Hit and Run is a classic

An open-world remake of Simpsons Hit and Run is a classic ...

A fan has altered the 2003 Simpsons: Hit & Runin Unreal Engine 5, bringing in a slew of features that will be perfected for 2022, such as an open world map, better vehicles, and online multiplayer.

The 17-minute YouTube video of Eurogamer''s impressive project was initially reported. It begins with a disclaimer that it will never be available for download, but that makes watching the video less engrossing.

Reuben Ward discusses the shifts and commitments he made in this remake project, from importing maps to create an open world, adding foliage and lighting effects to enhance the visuals. Unreal Engine 5, a group of his own design, has been repurposed as Narrative Quest and Dialogue Editor.

In the video, Ward explains how making specific shaders for windows makes everything from neighborhood homes to skyscrapers much nicer. If you do a little bit of work, you may get a great outcome.

This is the first attempt by Ward to transform the cult classic game in a week. Joe McGinn, the lead designer of the 19-year old game, even commented on the initial project. Amazing what you accomplished! he said. Really gives a better understanding of the world.