VALORANT: Omen is the ultimate player in the game, who creates decoy teleport spots

VALORANT: Omen is the ultimate player in the game, who creates decoy teleport spots ...

A VALORANT player has recommended a buff for Omen''s ultimate ability to create two decoy teleport spots to assist Omen players in resolving the situation.

Omen''s ultimate capability allows players to teleport to a new location in just a few seconds. Nearby adversaries can either prevent Omen from teleporting or wait to ambush. Omen players must choose their teleport location carefully to avoid becoming an easy kill and wasting the ability.

VALORANT player Ahijazi73 suggests adjusting the ability to make it more viable and difficult to counter. They suggest adding two decoy teleport spots to confuse enemies and make it harder to know where Omen is going. According to the fan suggestion, players might determine the spots for all three teleport locations, and the decoy teleports would look like the regular ability. Enemies would have to figure out which place is the actual location, giving Omen players more options to impact a round

While some opponents agree with the suggestion, others think it would make Omens ultimate too powerful. However, attempting to find three teleport spots and which is the real one might be challenging, as long as Omen activates the capability, causing the enemy to try and find them before it''s too late.

Other players suggested adding Omen''s vision when teleporting to help prevent immediate death from hiding enemies. Others believe Omen is not required to possess a buff, given that he is already a viable agent with a robust ability kit. However, Riot Games has the final say when it comes to agent changes, and agents have constantly evolved since the games release. However, another change to Omen''s ultimate ability is not out of the question.