In Valorant, how to remake a game

In Valorant, how to remake a game ...

Because of one or more reasons, one of your teammates may not join the game lobby during a match. In such situations, instead of going ahead to play an unfair game of 4 v 5, you should remake or forfeit to avoid any loss of RP. Valorant only allows players to leave a match before the start of round 2 and requires the vote of all your remaining teammates.

To transform a game in Valorant, there is a step by step process.

Follow the following steps to remake a game in Valorant.

  • Make sure you have completed round 1 of the match, and the timer has begun its countdown for round 2.
  • Open the system chat box present on the left corner of the screen. By default, you can press "Enter" to open the box.
  • Type/remakein the chat box to start the remake procedure.
  • A voting poll to forfeit the match will appear to all your remaining teammates.
  • Tell them to press "Y" on their keyboard to confirm their approval.
  • Once the system has received all the confirmation votes, the server will disband the current game. If it is a ranked game, none of the players will lose any RP.
  • In case someone has triggered the vote as a troll. You can show your disapproval by pressing "N" on your keyboard.

Remember, the server will not close the ongoing game even if it receives a single "No" approval vote.

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