Sony is experiencing a problem with Marvel Hero

Sony is experiencing a problem with Marvel Hero ...

This article contains Marvel villains.

The recent selection of Sony releases and their upcoming releases have definitely left some enthusiasts scratching their heads. With Sony signing a deal with Marvel Studios, Spider-destine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to unfold with great success. However, that puts Sony in a strange position. With so many properties to choose from, but the webhead himself seemingly off the table, a new destination must be established.

It seems that Sony might have a superhero problem, which they are desperately trying to resolve through some surprising decisions. There are many clues as to what Sony''s strategy, but right now their strategy isn''t landing with audiences. Is it possible to do so? When it comes to looking for a leading hero, do you think so?

Venom and Morbius

Weve already had a look at what Sony''s own Spider-Man-based universe might be like. Venom, Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius have set the standards for what Sony is aiming for. Each film has taken a well-known Marvel antagonist and transformed them into an anti-hero, but the results of that strategy have been perfectly mixed.

The comics have been enticing with the idea of Eddie Brock becoming a hero for many years. It''s only fair that Venom''s evolution may continue to evolve. This strange, comedy-driven version of the Lethal Protector is, in turn, in keeping an eye on the character. Brock and his alien friends are now Sony''s best bet.

The reviews for both Venom outings were overwhelming, but the sequels brought something unique to Morbius''s mind. Innocents are at danger when the vampire is about, which makes it difficult to survive. Venom could instead be slashed off by chocolate.

Sony has a few valuable lessons to learn. However, what this means for their future might be dependent on another previous impact.

Into the Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse, the studio''s most successful adaptation of Miles Morales'' coming-of-age story, has been conceived without a developer, but Sony Pictures Animation has provided a complete range of supporting Spider characters. It''s a fun, engaging and visually appealing addition to the superhero landscape.

Sony has begun planning multiple projects including a Spider-Man spin-off (a Gwen Stacy, Cindy Moon, and Jessica Drew team-up) and a sequel to Across the Spider-Verse and Beyond the Spider-Verse. Every positive step in the animated universe may be, however, because they have no central figure like Miles Morales to make it a jumping-off. However, the live-action execution will take a long time to get right.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

All of this is possible, with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought together the previous Spider-Man in a climate and exciting multiverse movie. Venom, the original, and the incredible iteration of Spider-Man all got in on the action. A new level of interest has been obtained from audiences who want to see more from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfields'' character. That''s certainly a victory for everyone involved!

Sony, in theory, has two distinct Spider-Men that may serve as their heroes as they continue to build their own shared continuity. Like Maguires, Spider-Man might face Spider-Man 4 more, and a final sequel, which puts Sam Raimis on the line with. But there''s only one downside: right now there are no plans for that.

Sinister Six

Sony has developed an idea that they have grown and teased since Spider-Man was created. The Sinister Six has been an obsession of the studio dating back to the original trilogy. Villains galore have been introduced, and No Way Home came the closest yet. There was just five villains involved, causing the group to escape the horrifying occurrence.

If there is a reason to be cautious, its that Sony is attempting to build their Sinister Six. Venom and Morbius appear to be surefire collaborators, and some of their future projects will likely be involved. However, these characters have been described as anti-heroes at best. Who are they going to fight? These questions only add to the fandom discussion surrounding Sony''s master plan.

Kraven the Hunter

There has been a lot of talk about Sony''s future releases, so it makes sense to deal with what those projects are. All of these movies (and one TV show) are intended to help expand the rapidly changing Spider-Man universe without the addition of a Spider-Man, but very few of these concepts and scheduled productions effectively address the hero problem.

Kraven the Hunteris, the Marvel Cinematic Universes version of Quicksilver, is being filmed. In the past, Spidey has been described as the ultimate predator. His desire to compete in the game is evident, and he is willing to defend himself. The story, called Kravens Last Hunt, is a classic tale that requires the viewer to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Sony is attempting to build a central vigilante or a Sinister Six addition, and the studio has built the character as an animal lover who will protect the environment at all costs. With Peter Parker missing and no catalyst to launch the conflict, there are certainly a doubt marks as to whether this will solve any of the issues the studio is currently facing, and it''s fair to say that this is not the direction most would have followed Kravens'' progress.

El Muerto

El Muerto is a character very few would have heard of in two Spider-Man movies. Sony has made a bold move in portraying Bad Bunny, a rap sensation, and his father, who was brutally murdered by El Dorado. It''s a story of revenge and accepting one''s heritage. However, the Spider-Verse is still not sufficiently high-profile to converge on El Muerto as the leading hero.

Madame Web

Madame Web is a new artistic endeavor in the theater. The original incarnation of the character was usually interpreted as an older woman who assisted Spider-Man through the rules. She was never a focal point of the narrative, but an extremely significant supporting character. There are also certain changes in the script, according to Dakota Johnson. In the comics, she may show Spider-Girl, Julia Eugenia Cornwall Carpenter, who has the Madame Web abilities.

If this is the case, then this might be a really fresh take on the Spider-Verse that gives the series a hero to focus on. However, there will be another character that has all the capabilities necessary to lead the Sonyverse into the future and function as a notable protagonist!


Silk, a Sony reality show, was asked about a radioactive spider, but the character is quite powerful, and she gets to know her voice from a different perspective. There''s no indication on the future, even if the big screen is focused on the big screen.

The Hero Problem

Is Sony really a hero problem now? Silk and Madame Web are the two best bets for reimagining the franchise''s trajectory, but with Kraven the Hunter next up, it doesn''t seem to be a much-needed shift yet. In the long run, there will be only one main issue, Tom Hollands Peter Parker. So, with Marvel keeping the character under lock and key, it''s going to be a tough ask.

Perhaps the Sinister Six will be a spectacular success. Perhaps Andrew Garfield will suit up one more time, or perhaps a brand new Spider-Man version will be released on the screen. However, Sony might continue to encounter the same difficulties until there is a main Spider-person to surround this Spider-Verse. Fortunately, the animated universe is firing on all cylinders in a way that''s teaching the whole industry a lesson in how to handle a comic book property.