Season 3 boss of Umbrella Academy explains how the secret Marvel cameo came

Season 3 boss of Umbrella Academy explains how the secret Marvel cameo came ...

Season 3 spoilers for The Umbrella Academy will be available.

Steve Blackman of Umbrella Academy has addressed one of Marvel''s Jeremy Renner''s songs to the public in a season 3 episode.

In ''Kugelblitz,'' Renner''s ''House of the Rising Sun'' is used in the episode. It was originally performed by The Animals, which had its own self-titled 1964 release, and for Blackman, it really captured the emotions of one particular sequence.

Fans sprang out how Sissy''s son was responsible for the deaths of the Academy''s mothers, resulting in the apocalyptic Kugelblitz.

Harlan, who was devastated by his own mother''s death, reached out using his inherited powers (from Viktor) and killed the women accidentally before they had the opportunity to give birth.

"I needed a different version of [House of the Rising Sun]; there are a million different versions of this song," Blackman tells Polygon.

"But Jeremy Renner''s ended the day really well. The way he presented the sort of final part of the song really worked with what Viktor was doing. It rounded like a surprise to me about what the emotional place was."

As the investigative journalist, Renner was recently confirmed to be starring in a real-life opioid crisis film.

"The real David Armstrong is a man of great integrity," said the director of Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly in a statement.

"We''d not be more delighted to have Jeremy on board to infuse that same in his portrayal of David. We''re very pleased to work with such a great team to bring this story to a global audience."

Seasons 1-3 of The Umbrella Academy are now available on Netflix.