Four New Nintendo Switch Online Games have been announced

Four New Nintendo Switch Online Games have been announced ...

Many viewers thought that Nintendo Switch Online''s subscription service was worth the money. Despite the fact that the N64 and Sega Genesis subscription pack cost a lot less than Nintendo Switch Online''s. However, some still think that Nintendo Switch Online''s Expansion Pack is worth the price of entry, although some still doubt that new Pokemon Snap and Kirby 64 players will benefit from the service.

Nintendo Switch Online''s Expansion Pack now has four new titles. All of the titles included are from Sega''s Genesis/Mega Drive console and were shown off in a new trailer on Nintendo''s YouTube channel. The first game to be included in the trailer will be known to anyone familiar with the first wave of memes to hit the internet. Zero Wing is a side scrolling space adventure in which the player must stop Cats, the leader of a roaming band of space thieves.

Comix Zone is a fun action superhero side scroller, and the second title will be revealed in the new ten games coming to Switch Online. It is well-known for its unique style inspired by Western comic book artists, and its story even includes players playing with Sketch Turner, a comic creator. Sketch is able to encounter mutant enemies in order to escape.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a collection of the first three Mega Man titles that have previously been excluded from the Nintendo Switch Online service. The package of games follows players through the original Mega Man adventures, seeing the famous robot as he battles to conquer Dr. Wily''s more deadly creations. The Wily Wars also includes Wily Tower, which also includes a new boss to combat.

Target Earth, the Wily Wars, Comix Zone, and Zero Wing are all available for purchase in the Switch Online Expansion Pack.