A Dark Souls 3 fan imagines key roles as Magic: The Gathering Cards

A Dark Souls 3 fan imagines key roles as Magic: The Gathering Cards ...

Dark Souls is filled with interesting bosses with rich lore, whether it''s Slave Knight Gael''s uphill quest to form a new world of tranquility or the Soul of Cinder''s overtures, and one fan has brought them to life as Magic: The Gathering cards, adding a whole new layer.

There''s the aforementioned Soul of Cinder, Aldrich, an Abyss Watcher, The Painter, Slave Knight Gael, Gael, the Red Hood, and Gael, Humanity''s End. Three versions of the same character because he transitions from a meek knight in service to The Painter to a houlking brute, according to the three MTG cards.

There are a number of balancing issues, such as Aldrich being unblockable for one, and the Abyss Watcher would only allow you to make one copy once. Soul of Cinder is a similar to the MTG''s mutate mechanic, but The Painter would not completely workcounters go on her, so they''d have to go on you as the player to win.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, a blogger, is even an MTG fan, so "he would certainly like these." Turbulent-Echo8561 wrote, "I think a Magic: The Gathering deck was spotted in his office a few years ago. There are several photographs of it."

Dark Souls and MTG are expected to arrive sometime sometime, but for now, you can get a peek at a what-if? world where just that was happened. However, the card''s art "on the internet," so the actual designs aren''t original, but it''s unclear where you can find them or who deserves their credit.