This Silent Hill Elden Ring mod allows you to become the Pyramid Head

This Silent Hill Elden Ring mod allows you to become the Pyramid Head ...

Silent Hill fans are some of the most adept in dealing with an absence of information about their favourite series, but now a new Elden Ring mod offers them a solution to the problem by stepping into the shoes of the series'' most recognized antagonist, Pyramid Head. The iconic horror game villain is now playable in FromSoftwares open-world game thanks to mod creator Tallmaget.

Elden Ring Pyramid Head''s RPG games Crucible Tree helm and chest armour, along with Radahns gauntlets and greaves, have a common theme in pyramid head fashion, as well as a blood-soaked version of the outfit. There''s an option to choose between a harsh, blood-soaked version and a slightly grimy, alternative.

In addition, the Troll Knights sword is replaced with the remarkable knife that the creepy tormentor drags around behind him. If you want to get your hands on this weapon, then you may nab one by fighting the Troll Knights in Caria Manor or on the way to The Four Belfries.

Elden Rings the Lands Between can be a scary place, so if you have been a little intimidated by its dangerous denizens thus far, this seems like a perfect way to boost your confidence by becoming one of gaming''s most notorious monsters. Mod creator Tallmaget insists that they strongly recommend playing with blood on to get the full effect.

In Unreal Engine 5, a very cool Total Chaos Doom mod that takes inspiration from the horror series is being remade. Check out our best Elden Ring builds for some fresh ideas on how to approach the fantasy game with a fresh new look.

Tallmaget on NexusMods.