In early career pictures, Tom Bergeron appears to be so different

In early career pictures, Tom Bergeron appears to be so different ...

Tom Bergeron has been in the entertainment industry for decades, but he became the host of Dancing with the Starsin 2005.

According to ESPN, Bergeron was the host of People Are Talking in Boston by 1987 and then, the morning show Breakfast Time. In 2001, he became a fan base with Americas Funniest Home Videos.

With his belt of a long time, Bergeron has seen a lot of changes over the years. Some even date old TV shows by the color of his hair.

Side-By-Side Photos of Himself recently posted by Tom Bergeron

#ThrowbackThursday 1994 and 2022. Same smile. Different hair.

Tom Bergeron (@Tom_Bergeron) January 24, 2022

Bergeron shared side-by-side photos on Twitter that he witnessed today and nearly 30 years ago. In the side-by-sides, his familiar grin remains unchanged, but his hair has evolved from brown to a salt-and-pepper shade.

1994 & 2022. Same smile. Different hair, he captioned the pictures.

Fans responded to the post, stating that they remembered Bergerons'' early career.

As he announced the lottery numbers on WBZ, I remember the guy on the left. Consider yourself depressed, and one fan mailed it to Bergeron.

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As long as I was home with my newborn, here''s how I remember seeing on Fox After Breakfast. It was a fun program, too! Thanks, Tom, and another writer.

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Fans on Twitter have seen how old a AFV episode can be compared to Tom Bergerons'' hair.

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Tom Bergeron''s Hair Color Has Been Poked Again

Bergeron has long poked fun about his ever-changing hair tone. He previously shared a clip from an old interview with Debbie Reynolds in the late 1980s. A #ThrowbackThursday Some kid with brown hair interviews Debbie Reynolds on @wbz Bostons People Are Talking,'' he wrote.

As he sat with fellow show host John Davidson, Bergeron shared a Twitter photo. The two men had matching white hair in the photo. No hair dye was harmed in the design of this segment, according to Bergeron.

A letter from Tom Bergeron (@tombergeron)

Bergeron is now 67 years old, but even during his DWTS days, he talked about becoming older. He told The Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that the target audience was skewing the ratings.

This may be a factor of my growing older, but for me, the 18-49 obsession is so serious, he said at the time. So I asked our network guy, move the needle a bit, explain how wed be doing in 25-54, and it was a completely different number, a significantly greater number. Upon me, were a celebrity ballroom show never to be the first choice of young viewers.

While he is technically young enough to retire, Bergeron has no intention to do so yet. When he was dropped from DWTS in 2020, he replied to a fan on Instagram who said, "Just because youre not hosting DWTS, doesnt mean you have to retire, or does it? You just look so young."

According to Us Weekly, Bergeron was not retiring.