Katie Maloney's Reactions To Tom Schwartz Have Surprising Reaction

Katie Maloney's Reactions To Tom Schwartz Have Surprising Reaction ...

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney have gone their separate ways, but they are still looking for one another. In March 2022, the Vanderpump Rules stars said they are divorcing, but their separation was beneficial.

In June 2022, the couple moved out of their newly purchased property in Valley Village, California. Soon thereafter, they listed the house for $2.7 million. According to The Dirt. Maloney and Schwartz, the 3,593 square-foot family had four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and an open floor plan.

It is unclear how the exes divided their personal belongings they acquired during their 12 years together, but Maloney did give something special to Schwartz following the move.

Katie Maloney was commended by Tom Schwartz for a gift she sent him, and he labeled her by her pet''s name.

Schwartz made a gift from his ex in an Instagram post on June 2022. In a letter on his social media page, the TomTom partner said he received a white air fryer from Maloney.

Bub! Thank you for the spiffy new air fryer, Schwartz captioned a photo of the kitchen appliance. Bub! Thank you, he added in a video clip. Look at this baby.

Bub is a reddit meme that Maloney and Schwartz have, nevertheless, wondered why he is still referring to his ex by her pet name.

I think it''s strange, one Redditor wrote about the Bub comment. It''s not like he accidentally called her that, posts are thought out beforehand. I think he knows the danger he''ll get on the next season and is trying to do damage control with the audience. He lives his life as a kiss a** people pleaser.

The combination of him using their pet name and his posting of it to make it public knowledge was great. Weird, another agreed.

Yes, it''s odd to still name your soon to be Ex Wife by her pet name. It''s cringey for sure, but a third commenter threw out.

Fans have wondered how Tom Schwartz will handle living-lost situations.

Maloney spoke out against joining her new chapter without Schwartz on the June 10, 2022 episode of her Youre Gonna Love Me podcast. She explained that while moving was hell, she was passionate for her peaceful new apartment and to return to dating. Schwartz told Page Six he intends to become a hermit and keep an eye on himself.

Fans have speculated that Schwartz will have difficulties living on his own after so many years with Maloney, and they pointed to his ex as a possibility of him not being able to do things on his own.

I find it more odd that she bought him an air fryer. Let him figure out how to eat himself on his own, according to a commenter.

They haven''t cut the cord yet. Shes still muttering him. They must BREAK UP, another agreed.

Is there actually a possibility of living in a world in which Tom Schwartz lives by and takes care of himself? in another thread, a Redditor wrote.