The Flash's boss details the death of the season 8 finale and the cliffhanger

The Flash's boss details the death of the season 8 finale and the cliffhanger ...

The Flash spoilers follow.

The Flash''s eighth season in a row ended with the second part of its finale, Negative Part Two.

Iris, who appeared in Candice Patton''s final film, was discovered to be alive following her death in Negative Part One. Upon discovering she had the ability to break free from the stone and eventually did so.

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) was reimagined as the Negative Forces'' new avatar with uncomfortable ability.

The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Thawne slowed it out, claiming they were infected with violence, but Iris had to appear and tell Barry that the battle planned to take center stage.

She advised Barry that there might be another way to save the day, so Barry plopped himself down and meditated, which infuriated Thawne. Thawne absorbed more power from the Negative Forces, but was overwhelmed with it, leading to his own self-destruction and death. There was no trace of Thawne anywhere on the timeline.

"When we were preparing the season 8, we thought that was the series finale. "So we were like, ''We''ve got to have the greatest, most epic battle ever between Grant and Tom!''," Wallace said. After the script was done and we were getting ready to begin preparation, that''s when we saw that we would be getting a ninth season."

"So we were like, ''Oh crap, we just did the ultimate battle.'' How were we supposed to ever help him, right? "Because, let''s just kill him for now and worry about that later," Frost said. Because Reverse-Flash and the Negative Reverse-Flash, exactly like Frost, are dead. I mean, they are dead."

While Wallace is optimistic that this death will be concluded this time, he did not rule out that Cavanagh might be featured in The Flash in the future.

"It''s a comic book show, and I''m pretty sure that in season 9, there''s some reason that you might see Tom Cavanagh once more. I won''t go into it, but that''s a pretty good bet," he said.

Despite the season 8, the final film appeared to be showing a glowing blue crystal in a laboratory in the year 2049. This may imply something to some comic book enthusiasts, but others may be left wondering what this is, and what this scene will do for the future of the show.

"The hardcore comic book enthusiasts know what''s coming. Those who don''t, Im not spoiling it here, so it''ll be a big surprise for them," Wallace said. "Yes, we''re getting directly from the comic books here, and boy is it will to be fun."

The Flash premieres on The CW in the United Kingdom. Sky Showcase and NOW air the show in the United Kingdom.