Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey in Coronation Street, confirms Audrey's future

Sue Nicholls, who plays Audrey in Coronation Street, confirms Audrey's future ...

Sue Nicholls, star of Coronation Street, has given some insight on Audrey Roberts'' future.

Audrey''s alcohol problems worsened last month as she went into work after cleaning off a bottle of wine, causing her family to be concerned.

Audrey started stabbing into a motorbike while knocking herself over, leaving her waiting for help all night. The next morning, her son Stephen Reid returned to Weatherfield just in time to hear about his mother''s situation.

What is Audrey''s plan for going forward?

"She is going to continue to struggle, she has always worked, and it was a major part of her life, and she misses seeing different people and being out and about," Nicholls said.

"Now the family are fighting over her will which gives her a real sense of her own mortality and that isn''t a nice thing to have to think about. Stephen is there supporting her but he has other things happening his life, and he doesn''t want to keep him from his businesses.

"This narrative will have a lot to come, and I really hope it will inspire others and allow them to chat about their own situations."

In spite of their love for one another, Nicholls also expressed concern about Audrey''s relationship with daughter Gail.

"They are so different personalities, Gail has more of her dad''s personality, she is always concerned, and everything is on the bleak side for Gail, whereas Audrey has more of a positive attitude," she says.

"But there are the most wonderful moments in which you see how much they care about one another."

Audrey says that the family "have been treating her like a child" over her drinking, "and like someone who didn''t have the capacity to make her own decisions."

"She realized why she was so dissatisfied with it when she had a conversation with Rita, who is also very independent, and she stated that they should not treat her in such manner," Nicholls said, citing several occasions where Audrey had been advised to slow down, including her cataract treatment and the time when Rita was hit.

"She found it unsettling, especially when they kept telling her she couldn''t have a drink, and putting everything down to that," she said.

Nicholls believes that rather than the storyline about Audrey having a drinking problem as such, she considers it a situation in which she is scared of losing her independence as she grows older.

"She caused herself a bigger problem when she got too boozy in the salon, sacked everyone, and got trapped under the motorbike, thus in their eyes, proofing them right, even when she was pushed to behave in that way by her frustrations with them," she said.

Nicholls emphasized Audrey''s fears about becoming older.

"Audrey is a very independent woman who tries to accept that she might need a little extra help, and the problem is that she has gone too far. She wants to be in her own house on Grasmere Drive and not sleeping in one of the kids'' beds at David''s house," she said.

"She isn''t going home to drink in secret, she wants to sit down and watch her own television and maybe have a glass of wine, but they don''t believe she is capable of it, and she''s angry about everything.

"She is capable bodied and has fully mental capacity," says the author. There may be a time when she isn''t able to look after herself, but she isn''t there yet."

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