Persona 4 Golden: How to Get a Fishing Rod

Persona 4 Golden: How to Get a Fishing Rod ...

Fishing is a mini-game in Persona 4 Golden that more than a few players will miss during their first playthrough. Unlike Persona 5/Royal, there are many solo quests, but players will notice they must first obtain a fishing rod. It''s important to start the sidequest as early as possible.

If players wish to get the Hermit Social Link on May 5th, fishing is not required to complete Persona 4 Golden. However, players will need to get the fishing rod.

Getting the River Rod

Players may start the fishing rod sidequest as early as 4/18. All they need to do is go to the shrine in the Shopping District, North and speak to the boy standing near the stone lanterns. In the North Shopping District, a backpacker will purchase something from the vending machine. A single drink costs 120 mg, thus the Protagonist should have enough money for at least one.

The drinks in the vending machines have been restored by 5SP, so make sure you prepare them for the first dungeon if possible.

Return to the Shrine with the correct drink. He''ll talk with the boy again. Tatsuhime Ladybugs will be forgiven.

If players have a Gem item, the second part of this quest will not be accessible. This can be gained as a result of Yukiko''s Castle in Persona 4 Golden. However, players will get the required item without having to navigate to the final stage of the dungeon.

If the Gem is in the inventory, go to the Shiroku Store during the evening (only at night) and tell the Protagonist to leave... unless he has the Gem. She''ll take the Gem and this will give players the option to Item Exchange or Talk. Select Talk.

If players have the Tatsuhime Ladybugs, they may feed Akihiko''s fish from Old Lady Shiroku. Doing so gives players the Fish Hook essential item. In the afternoon, head to the Riverbank in the Samegawa Flood Plain. Speak to the Old Man by the river, and he will give the Protagonist the River Rod.

Players who have unlocked Shichiri Beach will be able to catch fish that are exclusive to the ocean. Unfortunately, the River Rod cannot be used here. To upgrade the Fishing Rod, players will need to complete Quest 60: Acquire Samegawa''s Guardian. Ask the Old Man about the Guardian and the type of bait in order to get rid of the Inaba Jewel Beetles. These can be then caught with the Bug Net at the beginning of August.

On windy days, fish the Guardian. Before walking up to the "dock" to avoid wasting bait, players will know they''ve hooked the Guardian when they notice a huge splash around the bobber. Next, show it to the Old Man, and he''ll hand over the Angler''s set.

Players who are in the late-game phase may catch the Guardian on any day in December or when it''s snowing.

How to Fish

Larger fish require more frequent bait than Inaba Jewel Beetles or Genji Beetles. Enter the designated area and press Space/X to begin fishing. It''s recommended to read the beginner fishing book (available 4/20) and the Expert Fishing (available on 6/28), to make fishing easier. Fishing also requires more Diligence, and the Protagonist will stay longer.

Completing the Hermit Social Link

The Shichiri Beach Guardian is the most important part of the Fox''s Social Link. Players will need to get the Samegawa/River Guardian first before they can attempt fishing at the beach. The Genji Beetle bait is required to be caught at the Shrine during the nighttime, or players can order them from Tanaka''s Amazing Commodities on 8/22.

When the sun shines, go to Shichiri Beach, where players will know when a large splash forms around the bobber. While not an item of the quest, it''s highly, highly recommended to read the Expert Fishing before attempting to catch the Sea Guardian. It''ll be almost impossible to complete the Quest without the Fast Reel action.

After getting caught the Sea Guardian, speak to the Old Man for the last time, and then notify the Fox to maximize the Social Link. This will allow Ongyo-Ki to be fused in the Velvet Room.

Persona 4 Golden is now available on Steam and on PC. A PC, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass release are all set for 2023.