With Phoebe Robinson's Leading Lady, a trailer for 'Everything's Trash' depicts life Imitating art

With Phoebe Robinson's Leading Lady, a trailer for 'Everything's Trash' depicts life Imitating art ...

When the world appears to be on the verge of collapse, leave it to Phoebe Robinson to step in and give us hope. Today, Freeform shared a trailer for their next series, Everythings Trash, which is oddly on point with recent events and indicative of the time we were getting involved. Robinson, who has been a comedian, author, actress, and one half of the podcast-turned-HBO special series, 2 Dope Queens, is a star in a timely program that focuses on life

The series will draw viewers into the lives of Phoebe, a woman in her 30s, not only wanting to survive but to thrive in Brooklyn. Art is mimicking life as Phoebe is a podcast co-host for a series called Everythings Trash. Things take a turn toward adulthood quickly when the leading lady''s older brother declares that he is running for office. Now, Phoebe takes the time to think about her adulthood, while also deciding what adult life is.

The Everythings Trash trailer is an ideal for those in their 30s who discover themselves living an unconventional lifestyle. While friends are focusing on setting their career ladders and starting their families, Phoebe is happy just where she is at. The trailer is a series that will be aimed at a lot of like-minded individuals, often spawning a similar life to the protagonist. There''s also a bird! Can''t go wrong with throwing a bird of prey into the mix if you ask.

Along with Robinson, the series will feature stars like Jordan Carlos (The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore), Toccarra Cash (Faraway Eyes), Nneka Okafor (God Friended Me) and Moses Storm (Sunnyside). Jose Acevedos Tiny Reparations has joined the cast of the show alongside Chioke Nassor, who has also directed the pilot. ABC Signature is the producer.

The first two episodes of Everythings Trash air on Freeform on July 13 at 10 p.m. ET with streaming service the following day on Hulu. View the trailer here.