The characters in Mario Kart keep an eye on everyone

The characters in Mario Kart keep an eye on everyone ...

It has been a while since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still doing tricks around the world, closing in on 40 million offers, and it has recently become the best selling Mario Kart ever. So, it''s safe to say, people love this game, and a lot of you are still having a fun time playing it.

If you are one of the 40 million people, you may want to know which Mushroom Kingdom resident to choose when you''re racing, and luckily was there to assist you with a Mario Kart character guide. It can be overwhelming, especially if you consider the extra Nintendo characters that have joined the game this time!

In our extensive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe characters guide, you will get a lot of fun to play as, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you''re ready to buckle up and play a few laps, we have got you covered with all the information you need.

This is how to get started with each Mario Kart character and their weight level.

The main man himself, it would not be karting without him. Mario is a great all-rounder and the perfect place to start.

Luigi, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe''s brother, but a powerful guy in his own right, became famous for his horrific and breathtaking death appearance.

Is royalty permitted to race? Perhaps she needs the winnings for more cake ingredients, though I do wonder if Mario ever got to eat that cake?

Daisy is a great all-rounder and apparently a dab hand at sports, as youll always see her in Mario Tennis and Golf games.

Rosalina, a everyone''s favourite intergalactic lady, comes from the Super Mario Galaxy game, where she was aided by the Lumas and helped Mario discover Princess Peach.

Who likes to dress as an animal? Well, Mario has been doing it for decades, as this particular outfit dates back to Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES.

Peach didn''t want to look out of Marios animal outfit shenanigans. So, here she is with one of the Super Mario 3D World cat suits. Very cute.

Is Yoshi a dinosaur? Or is Yoshi just a Yoshi? Either way, they are smart enough to race and have been doing so since the start with Super Mario Kart on the SNES.

Who knows that Toad is one of the many denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, so named after their mushroom-like hats? Or are they the Toads heads? Can they take them off?

Koopa Troopa, a Bowsers minions, is taking a day off for some light racing antics. Though perhaps its a long-con, they are contemplating to ram Mario off the tracks.

The masked villains have returned to Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES. What are they shy about? Perhaps what''s under the mask, but I do not want to know personally.

This flying friend normally holds Mario''s camera when hes off shopping and has been seen moonlighting and holding up traffic signals throughout Mario Kart.

We think of a female Toad, but I suspect this is a Smurfette scenario because you always see a lot more Toads and just the one Toadette. And are the mushrooms her now hair?

Who knows why a ghost wants to race, but hes here and he''s cute. Im not sure why he''s a heavy character, but because surely he wouldn''t weigh a thing.

Mario and Luigi must be delivered to their parents as they entered the Yoshis Story on the SNES, and a group of friendly Yoshis ensured they got there.

Was it just the idea that they would grow into them along with his brother? Why didnt they receive baby-sized hats? Is it true that they are very cute?

Princess Peach has a crown that fits a child. Although lets face it, her parents might have spent much more money. Were Marios also parents plumbers?

Because you can say why not. In Mario Kart, it is unlikely that there are any other small characters we may have. Why can''t I be around as Monty Mole instead of all these babies?

ANOTHER BABY. What''s going on? Whos letting them drive? How do the babies drive? Right now, I saw Koopa Troopa shove Mario off a cliff at one point.

Super Mario 64 initially featured Mario needing to turn metal to weigh himself down to reach the bottom of water bodies. Suitably, he''s much heavier than Mario.

Peach just had to do one better, wouldnt she? Imagine getting a magical power to transform into metal, and your friend who is already royalty does the same but with fancier metals. Rude.

Wario, Mario''s first Super Mario Land 2 on the Game Boy, is putting Mario''s treasures at jeopardy.

Waluigi has been transformed into his own by Mario fans. He hopes to start appearing in Smash one day.

What happens to a baby, how does a monkey get a driver license? Look, I''m not sure who is responsible for Mario Kart safety, but I think a few restrictions are being violated.

King Koopa himself, perhaps hes here to try and whisk Peach away from Mario? Or perhaps hes just here to embarrass his son? Either way, it''s a pleasure seeing him riding a tiny bike.

The existence of Dry Bones implies the existence of Wet Bones, two words I dont really want to forget. How is this thing going anyway? Is it just a human being in a skull? Anyway, it can drive.

Bowser Jr, a Bowsers true heir, loves art, and when he isn''t terrorizing Isle Delfino with paint, he can be found aiding Mario in calming Bowsers Fury.

Dry Mario may be used as an alternative in the next Mario Kart, but it''s just a skull with a silly little hat.

One of the more chaotic Koopalings was first introduced as the antagonists in Super Mario World. Lemmy is named after Lemmy from Motorhead, as the American translator was a huge music fan.

Larry is the normal guy named after Larry King. Others say hes named after Larry King, while the U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. is also the name Larry.

Wendy, the only female Koopaling, is named after punk singer Wendy O. Williams, and with her bow and bangles is one of Mario''s most popular adversaries.

Ludwig here, with his unique hair, is named after the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. He also got a cool dog named after him, which is a bit gloomy.

This green-haired Koopaling is named after iconic punk singer Iggy Pop, although we doubt this one ever lived with David Bowie. He does appear to have inherited his namesakes mildness.

Roy is named after legendary singer Roy Orbison, who will likely roll over a lot of younger players heads. Personally, I love the pink frames on him.

Although he is named after actor Morton Downey Jr, Morton has a legendary star make-up of Paul Stanley from KISS. It''s a strange mash-up, but I like the aesthetic.

Is it a kid? Is it legal to drive? I need answers to these questions. Anyway, the Inklings make their way over from Splatoon in all their ink-redible glory.

Splatoon is not content with just one racer but with the Inkling Boy so everyone can play as their favourite kid/squid hybrid. There are also a few extra options to showcase your favorite Splatoon style.

Link from the Legend of Zelda makes his way into Mario Kart atop his legendary Master Cycle, as well as bringing Hyrule to life with a stunning track. But where would Zelda stand? My baby Rosalina would be chosen for her.

For the first time, the Nintendos other juggernaut franchise gets some representation, with the adorable villagers from Animal Crossing participating in the karting chaos.

Both villagers retaliates the original titles and bring over the beautiful Animal Crossing course, which changes depending on the seasons, just as the games.

This adorable dog was initially introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to assist players navigate their town. Isabelle is also named because her head looks like a bag of bells. Get it? She''s a bell. Wild stuff.

Finally, players may plop their very own Mii into the action, depending on the length of your character. You may even select special outfits for your Mii with compatible amiibo figures.

Here you have it, thats every individual Mario Kart character! Hopefully this will help you when you choose your racing partner, but if you want even more speed in your life, check out our guide to the best Switch racing games next.