Free boosts for the Sword Factory X codes

Free boosts for the Sword Factory X codes ...

New Sword Factory X code has been added for the first time since July 1, 2022!

Sword Factory X is a fantastic addition to the Roblox Sword Factory series, which includes tons of new features, exciting areas to explore, and a tumultuous new items to collect. Whether you are designing swords, upgrading them with the ascender, or removing areas and putting them on the board, there''s always something to do.

All of the latest Sword Factory X codes for you have been created right here. These are fantastic bonuses that will provide you greater luck and more, so make sure you follow this link from time to time.

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Sword Factory X codes

Codes of Active Life:

  • TOPTIER200K!? super boost (new!)
  • TOPTIER100K! 30-minute damage boost
  • SFXRocks 30 minute luck boost
  • Favorite30KTIMES! 30 minute cash boost
  • 400K-VISITS-EYY 15 minutes of double XP
  • sus 15 minutes of double luck
  • LUCKYBOI 30 minutes of double luck

Exired codes: There are currently no Sword Factory X codes that have been expired.

What are Sword Factory X codes?

Sword Factory X codes are freebies given out by TopTier Games, which helps you navigate this weapon-wielding world. When the game hits a specific milestone, such as a certain number of likes or visits, TopTier Games usually generate fresh codes. So, if you want to get even more Sword Factory X goodies, please include them on your lists and check back here from time to time.

How do I redeem my Sword Factory X codes?

Redeeming your Sword Factory X codes is simple, but follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Sword Factory X in Roblox
  • Tap the shop button to the right of the screen
  • Click the code button at the bottom of the shop window
  • Type your code into the text box that appears
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your reward!

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