Persona 5 Morganas' personality, capabilities, and more

Persona 5 Morganas' personality, capabilities, and more ...

Persona 5 certainly delivers in this aspect Morgana is proof of this, and the fact that he is a cat (despite adamantly declaring the team he isnt) just makes us love him even more. Felines are fantastic anyway, but Morgana is a naturalist in every way, from being adorable in the real world to punching butt in the metaverse.

So, we just had to get this Persona 5 Morgana guide together so that we may learn more about him. He is also certain that Morgana is one of the best Purrsona 5 characters there, and that it is capable of defending this hill to the final touch.

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Anyway, here''s why Persona 5s Morgana is so amazing.

Who is Persona 5s Morgana?

Morgana is one of the founding members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, which naturally makes him one of the main protagonists, and while he is a cat-like creature, the lil guy expresses his belief that he was once upon a time. Personally, we prefer not to photograph a world in which Morgana isnt a bit fluffball.

Persona 5 Morganas personality

Heres where some people might not be huge fans of Morgana, but we believe his attitude is catastic. You see, he is a bit rude, arrogant, sarcastic, and condescending when you first meet him, which may be a pain in the butt, but this resembles the purrsonality of a cat quite easily.

Morgana is a level-headed individual who can decipher when it is best to stand up or to run for the hills (another thing cats are good at, right?). Once again, he is easily distracted by the next shiny thing he discovers. He truly is a pet.

What are Persona 5 Morganas skills?

Morgana is proficient in combat without having to fight against slingshots, which means he is capable in a fight irrespective of his distance between him and his adversaries.

Who is Persona 5 Morganas voice actor?

Ikue Otani teaches Morgana in the Japanese version, while Cassandra Lee Morris takes up the mantle in the English version. Moreover, both voice actors reprise their roles in the Persona 5 anime. Oh, and should a live production of Persona 5 come to fruition, we wish to send a shout to Grem (AKA Xiao, seen above). We believe hed makes an excellent Morgana.

There you have it, and everything you need to know about Persona 5s Morgana. Check out our best Switch RPGs list if you need something new to play.