Random: A "Die-Hard Nintendo fan" was reportedly asked out more than $40K to get a new F-Zero

Random: A "Die-Hard Nintendo fan" was reportedly asked out more than $40K to get a new F-Zero ...

Update: Yesterday, VGC heard a story about a Nintendo shareholder who asked the company if they had any intentions to revive previous IPs, such as the futuristic racing series F-Zero, the RPG Baten Kaitos, and a number of other titles, including Wario Land.

It turns out this question didn''t come cheap. Speaking to Business Insider, the individual known as "Momiji" on social media revealed how he spent over 5.6 million Japanese yen (over $40,000 USD) on Nintendo stock just to ask Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa the question during the company''s latest shareholder meeting.

The same person, who described himself as a "die-hard Nintendo fan," purchased 100 Nintendo shares in February, at a rate of 56,430 yen per share (over $400 USD per share), after selling shares in another company. He''s been playing Nintendo games since he was a child, and he appears to be incapable of getting enough of F-Zero''s speed.

There was no guarantee that he would be able to answer a question in the lead-up to the shareholder meeting. This was supposedly a "bonus" in the final. Business Insider also examines how 100 shares of stock are required to gain direct access to Nintendo''s shareholder meeting.

So, what was Nintendo''s conclusion in the end? It''s "always" contemplating how to develop new titles and remakes. Here''s what was said, courtesy of a translator by Robert Sephazon (via VGC):

For every Nintendo game that people request, it is realistically difficult to develop new titles and remakes, including sequels, but we are very grateful and grateful for the games we have.

We are constantly looking at how to develop new titles and remakes that are possible for many players."

This is not the first time we''ve heard a reaction like this from Nintendo. F-Zero''s absence has raised concerns about the series'' future, but there are also people out there (including previous Nintendo employees) who seem to believe there''s still hope.

Here''s how to find out more about the past.

The annual shareholder meeting information on Nintendo was made live yesterday, and while there are the usual numbers and business details dotted throughout, some interesting details have been revealed following the discussion.

One shareholder has apparently asked if Nintendo would continue to use previous IPs through new games or remakes, according to VGC. Several titles, including from obscure Japan-only games and a large Nintendo franchise that hasn''t had a new game in over 20 years, have been added.

The resulting franchises include the racing game series F-Zero, Baten Kaitos, and Monolith Soft''s GameCube card-based RPG series, Wario Land, the Mario spin-off that hasn''t seen a new game since the Wii; two Intelligent Systems games in Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru and Kousoku Card Battle: Card Hero; and Chosoju Mecha MG, developed by Earth Defense Force.

Another user @momiji_manjyuu claimed to be the person who demanded these titles after NStyles wrote out.

Not all heroes wear capes, right?

Many of you prefer a brand new F-Zero or Wario Land game, but there are a few really interesting games to keep an eye on. Given Monolith Soft''s prominence with Xenoblade, the baten would make sense, but honestly, we''d really like to see all of these make a comeback.

NStyles has revealed that the only game that is still mentioned in the meeting is the futuristic racing title.

Here''s a rough Google translation of NStyle''s tweet (so this may it be with a grain of salt), which is embedded below, and was recently published after the minutes went live. However, it looks pretty promising for F-Zero enthusiasts!

"If the title part is completely cut in the minutes, you can be certain that there is no pulse, and if F-ZERO remains in the minutes, you can be certain that it is a pulse ant," said Mr. Momiji.

According to NStyle, if a game title is left in the minutes, then Nintendo is aware of it still exists. Yay! Although Captain Falcon has appeared in every Smash Bros. game and hasn''t played since the mid-2000s, it''s likely that it''s something, right?

F-Zero might make a comeback as soon as possible. Reggie, the former Nintendo of America president, seems to think Nintendo hasn''t forgotten about this series, at least.

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