The Best Classes for all Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

The Best Classes for all Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes ...

Most game titles, it is not usually a unit equipment nor their levels that determine their usefulness in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Every character has unique skills and base stats that determine which class (or classes) best suit them. While the game does offer you a recommended path, its certainly not always the best ones to follow. It is only benefit by mastering different classes before choosing a class to stick to.

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, why do you have such a good class?

Classes may be mastered by entering battles with them equipped or training in the Training Grounds. Each class has four mastery levels: one star, two stars, three stars, and mastered.

All masterable abilities per class (or those marked with a star) are permanent. This includes everything from stat boosts (like the Fluegels +5 to Dex and Spd) to arts and equippable abilities. This means that you may, for example, transform one of your mages into a Dark Knight but first boost their offensive magical abilities by allowing them to learn the Gremorys mastered ability.

Even if that particular class is not their current one, learned attacks and equipable abilities can be used. They simply need to be holding the correct weapon to execute certain attacks.

On your convoy menu, class abilities, such as True Awakening, may be added. It''s the second tab (Set Abilities)! There are at least four abilities available for each unit.

How to Choose the Best Main Class for a Character

The permanent functioning class of a unit should always depend on a few things:

  • That class unique skills. This means that no matter how high your mastery is for this class, you will never carry these abilities over. You can view them on a separate page on your convoy menu. Theyre the skills with no stars.
  • The characters preferred weapon type. It affects the type of abilities they can have for them. The more a character likes a class weapon, the better the abilities they can have when equipped with it.
  • The stats that it boosts

Best classes for Shez

Class levels

  • B: Beginner
  • I: Intermediate
  • A: Advanced
  • M: Master
Optimal class lineOptional classes
ShezMyrmidon (B)Thief (I)Assassin (A)Trickster (M)Warlock (A)Mortal Savant (M)Asura (M)

The best courses for all characters in Black Eagles

Optimal class lineOptional classes
EdelgardFighter (B)Brigand (I)Warrior (A)Wyvern Lord (M)Fortress Knight (A)Emperor (M)
HubertMonk (B)Mage (I)Dark Mage (A)Dark Bishop (M)Warlock (A)
FerdinandSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Holy Knight (M)Bishop (A)
LinhardtMonk (B)Priest (I)Bishop (A)Gremory (M)
CasparFighter (B)Brigand (I)Warrior (A)Wyvern Lord (M)Wyvern Rider (A)
BernadettaFighter (B)Archer (I)Sniper (A)Bow Knight (M)Falcon Knight (M)
DorotheaMonk (B)Mage (I)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)Bishop (A)
PetraMyrmidon (B)Thief (I)Assassin (A)Trickster (M)*Raise levels with Trickster equipped, but use Assassin for main battles to use SwordfaireMortal Savant (M)
MonicaMonk (B)Mage (I)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)Bishop (A)

Best classes for all characters in Blue Lions

CharacterOptimal class lineOptional classes
DimitriSoldier (B)High Lord (I)Paladin (A)Great Lord (M)War Master (A)
DedueFighter (B)Armored Knight (I)Fortress Knight (A)Dark Knight (M)Great Knight (M)
SylvainSoldier (B)Cavalier (I)Paladin (A)Dark Knight (M)Dark Mage (A)Holy Knight (M)Dark Bishop (M)
FelixMyrmidon (B)Mercenary (I)Swordmaster (A)Mortal Savant (M)Assassin (A)
AsheFighter (B)Archer (I)Sniper (A)Bow Knight (M)Trickster (M)
MercedesMonk (B)Priest (I)Bishop (A)Gremory (M)
AnnetteSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Dark Knight (M)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)
IngridSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Falcon Knight (M)Mortal Savant (M)
RodrigueSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Holy Knight (M)Bishop (A)

Golden Deers'' best classes for all characters

CharacterOptimal class lineOptional classes
ClaudeFighter (B)Wyvern Master (I)Wyvern Rider (A)Barbarossa (M)Sniper (A)Wyvern Lord (M)
LorenzSoldier (B)Cavalier (I)Paladin (A)Dark Knight (M)Dark Mage (A)Holy Knight (M)Dark Bishop (M)
RaphaelFighter (B)Armored Knight (I)Fortress Knight (A)Great Knight (M)Warrior (A)
IgnatzFighter (B)Archer (I)Sniper (A)Bow Knight (M)Trickster (M)
LysitheaMonk (B)Mage (I)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)Bishop (A)
MarianneSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Holy Knight (M)Bishop (A)
HildaFighter (B)Brigand (I)Warrior (A)Wyvern Lord (M)Wyvern Rider (A)
LeonieSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Falcon Knight (M)Mortal Savant (M)
HolstMyrmidon (B)Mercenary (I)Swordmaster (A)Mortal Savant (M)Assassin (A)

Best classes for all other characters

CharacterOptimal class lineOptional classes
JeritzaSoldier (B)Cavalier (I)Paladin (A)Death Knight (M)Holy Knight (M) for offenseDark Knight (M) for defense
ManuelaMyrmidon (B)Mercenary (I)Swordmaster (A)Mortal Savant (M)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)
ShamirFighter (B)Archer (I)Sniper (A)Bow Knight (M)Trickster (M)
CatherineSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Falcon Knight (M)Mortal Savant (M)
YuriMyrmidon (B)Thief (I)Assassin (A)Trickster (M)Mortal Savant (M)
BalthusFighter (B)Brigand (I)Warrior (A)Wyvern Lord (M)Wyvern Rider (A)
ConstanceMonk (B)Mage (I)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)Bishop (A)
HapiSoldier (B)Cavalier (I)Paladin (A)Dark Knight (M)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)
BylethMyrmidon (B)Silverheart (I)Swordmaster (A)Enlightened One (M)Assassin (A)Mortal Savant (M)
JeraltSoldier (B)Pegasus Knight (I)Paladin (A)Holy Knight (M)Bishop (A)
SetethFighter (B)Brigand (I)Warrior (A)Wyvern Lord (M)Wyvern Rider (A)
FlaynMonk (B)Mage (I)Warlock (A)Gremory (M)Bishop (A)