In Genshin Impact, how to track Mamoru and his friends down

In Genshin Impact, how to track Mamoru and his friends down ...

Kuki Shinobu, the Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang, is spared for her especially when it comes to disciplining the Gang''s heavy-handed people. In the Gang Bylaws Narrative Checkpoint, you need to assist Shinobu track down Mamoru, Genta, and Akira, who fled after being told that the Gang would adopt a fresh set of rules.

The World Map and the minimap will highlight the search area so it''s easier to spot the trio, but you''ll have to follow a few steps to get them.

In Kuki Shinobu''s Hangout Event, how can you keep Mamoru?

Head to the Aisa Bathhouse in Inazuma City, where Aikawa Susumu sits on a tree and scratches his head in front of a tree. Finally, get a peek at Mamoru''s location. Finally, explore the Aisa Bathhouse, where Mamoru is seen on the rooftop.

In Kuki Shinobu''s Hangout Event, how to track Genta

Genta''s direction will be announced, according to a quest marker in Hanamizaka. In front of the Bantan Sango Detective Agency, you''ll find three children: Yuma, Eita, and Souta. Talk to the kids before you get a hint about Genta''s location. Once the transition is complete, you''ll find a cowering Genta.

How to Follow Akira in Kuki Shinobu''s Hangout Event

Genta will reveal that Akira had left the city, so head north towards Byakko Plain and follow the quest marker toward the highlighted search area. Go north of "Designer" Wakamurasaki and jump down to the shore. Akira will be discovered behind several crates.

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