To play Fortnite, do you need Xbox Live?

To play Fortnite, do you need Xbox Live? ...

This is how we''ll proceed with a brief introduction. Yes, you don''t need an Xbox Live subscription. But the benefits of online gaming are fundamental. The cost of creating an Xbox Live account is also important.

Microsoft has recently changed its offerings so that all players may play Free-to-Play games online without setting up an Xbox Live subscription. Most players already have a Xbox Live account, regardless of whether or not they have an online subscription. This means that if you''re on your Xbox and you''re able to purchase or download games, then you can play Fortniteat at no cost!

How to create an Xbox Live account

Then, fill out your email and ensure it''s the same email as your Microsoft account. If you have a Microsoft account, you must then go to the official Microsoft website and follow the instructions to create an account. After entering the tag, you''ll be able to play live service games.

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