Is there a chance of immortal treasure chests to reign in the Genshin effect?

Is there a chance of immortal treasure chests to reign in the Genshin effect? ...

If you''ve had a long day of grinding primogems through treasure chests in Genshin Impact, it might be disappointing to roam around Mondstadt and discover a distinct lack of new chests to open. Chests that award anywhere from 2-40 primogems are an essential way of getting primogems quickly and saving up for your next favorite banner character. So, when do treasure chests respawn in Genshin Impact?

Do treasure chests respawn?

No, chests in Genshin Impact do not respawn. However, some chests do not appear after completeing certain quest steps, but this is not due to a respawn mechanic. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the quest itself. Some quests will remove chests from the relevant area for a brief time, but the root issue is still unknown. This has prompted some players to believe that chests do respawn.

When do enemies respawn?

Common enemies respawn exactly twelve hours after being killed. The only exception is common enemies who accompany elite enemies. If a common enemy is a part of an elite elite like a Mitachurl or Lawachurl, both the elite and common enemies will respawn at the game''s daily reset. Bosses also respawn. After a boss is killed, and five minutes have passed, the boss has the ability to respawn.

When do materials respawn?

The time for materials to respawn depends on what type of material it is. Each region''s local area respawns two days after being collected. Most ore nodes respawn two days after being collected, although single Crystal Chunks that aren''t part of an ore cluster, as well as Amethyst Lumps, spawn three days after being caught. Fishing spots also increase their quantity of fish every three days.