In the July Live Letter, everything about FFXIV patch 6.2 and 6.25 was revealed

In the July Live Letter, everything about FFXIV patch 6.2 and 6.25 was revealed ...

The Producer''s Final Fantasy XIV Letter on July 1 revealed some fantastic details about FFXIV''s future. This included a few information about the 6.2 and 6.25 patches, giving us a clue about what''s coming in the next several months in-game. Patch 6.2 will likely follow in late August 2022, and 6.25 will likely follow two months later. Here''s a complete list of all the information found in the Live Letter.

In Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2, there are new main scenario quasts.

The next installment of Patch 6.2 will include the main story quest (MSQ) as well as a new dungeon called The Fell Court of Troia. This appears to be inspired by a Final Fantasy IV dungeon.

New Trials for FFXIV 6.2

In 6.2, a new Normal and Extreme trial will be added. More details are currently being investigated.

New Raids added in FFXIV patch 6.2

In Patch 6.2, the Pandemonium Raid Series will continue, with eight raids totaling:

  • Pandaemonium: Abyssos
  • Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage) (released one week after patch 6.2)

To continue the week of Savage by one week, a decision has been made in order to allow people to enjoy the patch more before the race to defeat Savage begins. This is basically a test, and if the development team receives positive feedback, they''ll continue with this format.

New Unreal Trial for FFXIV patch 6.2

Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal) will be the new Unreal Trial for 6.2 until 6.3. This will see you face off against the Heavensward trial against Sephirot in a gloomy encounter.

Patch Job Adjustments for 6.2

PvP Adjustments and PvP Adjustments will be introduced.

PvP Updates for 6.2

  • PvP Season Two begins
  • Season 3 of Crystalline Conflict
  • Rival Wings returns

In Patch 6.2, there are additional improvements to the previous MSQ missions/duties.

The Duty Support system will be expanded to the following Heavensward dungeons.

  • Snowcloak
  • The Keeper of the Lake
  • Sohm Al
  • The Aery
  • The Vault

In these dungeons, youll be able to enter with Estinien, Alphinaud, and others in Heavensward roles. This trial was very difficult, but it''s much longer now as a solo duty. Thornmarch has also been revamped, with some concerns surrounding the retaining of the Moogles.

New Sidequests for 6.25

The Tatarus Grand Endeavour continues with a reduced seamstress recruiting the Sky Pirates from the Shadow of Mhach Quest Series.

Somehow, further Hildibrand Adventures patch 6.25

In Patch 6.25, Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville will be back in full swing. New Weapon Enhancement Quests have been unlocked in somehow further Hildibrand adventures. This means you''ll need to make sure youre up to date in all Hildibrand quests to unlock the Legendary Manderville Weapons!

This weapon enhancement series will run throughout the rest of 6.x. This sounds like a little bit of a send-up and a parody of previous Relic Weapon Quests.

Omicron Tribal Quests in 6.25

In 6.25, more Tribal quests will be added, with the player expected to assist the Omicrons of Ultima Thule in using their Gathering duties.

Variant Dungeons to be added in 6.25

Variant Dungeons are variable-difficulty Dungeons previously described as Criterion Dungeons. Level 90 casual play for 1-4 players, no role restrictions, no job adjustments permitted between levels, and enemy strength determined by party size. Branching progression based on player actions.

Sildihn Subterrane, described as examining the depths alongside a certain person, and experiencing a branching tale depending on your chosen path, is included in these new dungeons.

There will be a more difficult version, which retains the name Criterion Dungeons, but which will require set parties, but with a predetermined route. Essentially, these will be matchmade dungeons accessible through the Duty Finder, but with no resurrection, and all enemies revive after KO and enemies become much stronger if not defeated within a time limit.

Island Sanctuary

More details have been released on the island sanctuary, one of the most anticipated features of the post-Endwalker content. You''ll also benefit from new casual solo gameplay that involves collecting materials, caring for animals, building facilities, and making items. What''s more, you will not need to have levelled any crafting or gathering jobs to do this.

  • Base building
  • Gathering
  • Tool crafting
  • Creature collecting
  • Customize your base
  • Release your minions to wander freely on your base
  • Create handicrafts, and export them to for profit (in island-specific currency)
  • Socialize with friends and invite visitors

Adventurer Plates leave Beta in 6.2

The most sought-after new feature from patch 6.1 will be eliminated from Beta in 6.2 and will now have extra features. Portraits for different plates will now be expanded, and generally the system will be streamlined and improved for the main release.

Misc. updates for Patch 6.2

  • New Allagan Tomestones of Causality added
  • New High Item Level crated gear added
  • Ability to request repairs from other players, both in and out of duties, added
  • Combo action list added
  • Rare Materials added to Aetherial Reductions for all Gathering Classes (linked to new high-IL gear)
  • Glamour Dresser expanded from 400 to 800
  • Adjustments to the order of Return to Ivalice quests (two quests removed)

Overall this appears to be a major upgrade for the game that will run from August to October. If you''re worried that there will be a content drought, then you don''t have to. This is one of the finest patches in recent memory.