Fans of BioWare are wondering what Dragon Age 2 should have been clad

Fans of BioWare are wondering what Dragon Age 2 should have been clad ...

Dragon Age 2 sticks out like a sigh. Not only because it is commonly regarded as the weakest piece in the series (by people who are wrong) it's also the only one not to have a proper title. Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and even the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf all have cool names. Then you just have Dragon Age... 2. Kinda sucks.

Fans are urging them to give the sequel the title they deserve. From Dragon Age: Kirkwall to Dragon Age: Goddammit Anders, fans are suggesting their own subtitles for the DA2, which we believe is superior to the games it deserves.

"What might Dragon Age 2 be called if it were consistent with the naming guidelines used by the rest of the series?" asks Reddit user Gracesdelirium. "Dragon Age: Kirkwall? Dragon Age: Hawke? Dragon Age: How Many Bad Things Can Happen To A Single Person?"

DdPillar suggests "Dragon Age: City of Chains," a reference to Kirkwall, where we spend the whole game. On a similar note, SabyZ suggests "Dragon Age: Uprising," which reflects Hawke's story's overall tone.

As many as one believes, Dragon Age: Exodus would be a great title, and it's almost the one we received. However, EA thought slapping a two at the end would be better for sales, so that's what we got instead.

Although DA2 is a lot better, many observers have some less serious suggestions. Krallking says "Dragon Age: Disaster Bis" is the subject of several fields.

Some fans have presented a whole list of ideas, including Belly84. Their thoughts include "Magic Bad," "Everybody Loves Hawke," and the very exact, "Seriously, Those Qunari have been here for more than 8 years, and it is starting to weird."

TileFloor is partnering with a database of names such as "The Dragon and the Age," "2 Dragon 2 Age," "The Dragon and the Age: Tokyo Drift," and that's why.

As Dragon Age 2 approaches, it remains on storefronts, but who knows - maybe one day, it will get the remake treatment it deserves, and Dragon Age: Exodus will get its time to shine.