Taron Egerton has talked about Marvel's Role with Kevin Feige and hopes they'll give me a shot at playing Wolverine

Taron Egerton has talked about Marvel's Role with Kevin Feige and hopes they'll give me a shot at pl ...

Taron Egertons' upcoming role in Black Bird, a new Apple TV+ series written by Dennis Lehane, is his first major onscreen acting role since Rocketman's star-making debut, although Egertons' previous roles are far from expected, but the the film is already looking forward to playing a Marvel superhero.

Egerton revealed in a new interview with The New York Times to promote his role on Black Bird that he was in discussions with President Kevin Feige about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though nothing was addressed, the actor is making it very clear that there is one Marvel hero he would like to play: Wolverine.

When asked if he is interested in taking over Hugh Jackmans, Egerton said he would be uninteresting. Id be surprised but Id be appprehensive as well, because Hugh is so linked with the role that Id wonder if it would be quite difficult for someone else to do it.

Egerton was realistic about the fact that Disney appears to be out in any hurry to reimagine the character, but wants to make sure his respect for the part is well documented.

If it does come around, they will give me a shot, according to him.

Egerton isn't the only actor to be linked to the clawed superhero in recent weeks. Though Disney hasn't announced any other projects involving Wolverine, speculation about who might eventually replace Hugh Jackman has begun to swirl in recent weeks. Joe and Anthony Russo recently took a position on the debate, arguing for one of their former Avengers: Endgame stars to take on the role.

[Chris] Evans has an incredible range and great physicality, and he is quite proficient in body control, according to Joe Russo. He is an incredible actor. I dont mean this in a bad way, but he is nothing like Captain America. Steve Rogers is extremely controlled and quiet, understated. Chris is energetic and funny and charismatic, and he brings a lot of energy to set. Id like to see him do something like Wolverine.