Borderlands: The Top 10 Most Powerful Guardians

Borderlands: The Top 10 Most Powerful Guardians ...

The Borderlands games have provided many challenging adversaries in the series history, but outside of traditional raid and story bosses, or the odd exception, most players may agree that the guardians are.

These mysterious creatures were created by the Eridians, an ancient, advanced alien race who canonically handle a lot of the more terrifying situations players encounter and serve the purpose of guarding vaults. They have made appearances in all but one of the main series games, Borderlands 2, and are available in various forms, whether that be generic mobs or raid bosses.

10 Low-Level Guardians (Spectres, Wraiths, Sera, Opha, Putti, Revenants, Reapers, Diadems, etc.)

The guardians come in many forms, but it is difficult to group many of them together, as these mobs are ultimately fodder and must be ranked as the least powerful of all the guardians, not only due to their abundance, but also how quickly the player can dispatch them.

These are neither guardians weak, they were the more challenging adversaries in the original Borderlands, and they are often reserved as late-game opponents for the games they appear in. Unfortunately, they are on this list, both in terms of abilities and abilities.

9 The Berserker

This strong mini-boss seen in Borderlands 3 blocks the vault of the Serpent, which is sealed on Nekrotafeyo and defeated by Typhon DeLeon and his wife, and is a fair bit stronger than the average guardian.

Given its apparent role as the guardian of a vault monster, this game is a adept fighter, engaging players with close-range missiles and long-ranged projectiles. Like the other unique non-respawnable guardians fought in this game, it is notablely stronger than your basic version.

8 The Summoner

Another unique non-respawnable guardian who was tried just before entering the Rampager's house on Promethea, this foe has the capability to not only engage the player from distance with ranged attacks but also buff its friends.

If the issue is not addressed swiftly, the fight may be enormously challenging, and this capability alone puts it higher than the above low-level guardians.

7 The Watcher

This strange being appears somewhat throughout Borderlands' events, according to the Pre-Sequel, which is collaborating with General Zarpedon to prevent Handsome Jack and the vault hunters from entering the vault on Elpis. At the end of the game, it apparently displays knowledge of future events, having warned Zarpedon of the damage Jack and Helios would bring, as well as warning the original Borderlands about Borderlands' events.

In the game's conclusion, this entity has strong telekinetic capabilities, allowing Zarpedon to defeat Jack, as well as allowing Athena to be saved from a hailstorm of bullets.

6 The Seer

This character, once thought to be an integral part of the Avas side missions, was included in the Directors Cut of Borderlands 3 and is shown to have a significant influence on the series, which includes many players in the Borderlands universe to achieve an additional goal.

The boss is extremely tough to defeat from a game, with a health pool to make a raid boss blush, and the ability to turn invisible, release electric shock waves, and effectively render the player blind during the fight. Along with its arsenal of tricks, the Seers role has established it as one of the games' strongest guardians.

5 The Traveler

This giant rock creature, introduced in the Tales from the Borderlands games, guarded the secret to another Pandoran vault, which has yet to be revealed and boasted capabilities such as teleportation, super-durability, and super-strength.

Only through Gorty's final form and the rest of the TFTB crew, players fought it. Despite this, The Traveller proved difficult to deal with and easily held its own against Gortys, a weapon used to be its countermeasure. Despite this, The Traveller seemed to have the same level of sheer force as other entries on this list.

4 The Graveward

The Graveward, a hulking ancient golem-like monstrosity powered by two guardian souls, is certainly imposing in its appearance, a mix of organic material and absorbed technology towering above the vault hunter, causing the platform they reside on to violently move while delivering hammer blows, corrosive bombs, and requiring other enemies to take down the player.

This creature, powered by two guardian spirits, Grave and Ward, is extremely powerful from a gameplay and a story perspective and acts as the second big challenge players must face in Borderlands 3.

3 The (Empyrean) Sentinel

The Pre-Sequel, an artificial Asura-inspired figure, protects Pandora's moon, Elpis, and the Eridian secrets hidden inside. When faced with the four phases of this boss, players were faced with a fearsome firefight, as it utilizes different elements, energy bolts, close combat, and has attacks that will wipe out the player characters shield if they hit.

The Destroyer, the being that keeps the secrets to Pandora's vault, and the location of The Warrior, the warden of the series galaxy-wrecking big bad, and the foe who serves as the players' final test, is well deserved.

2 Anathema The Relentless

When confronting Anathema, players discovered out midway through Borderlands 3s takedown that they truly live up to their name, with three health bars and 12 immunity phases in which the player must dodge exploding platforms, deal with lesser guardians, and avoid its blade charges.

Anathema is the penultimate head before taking on Scourge, who triggered the mission's events, but although being used by this guardian, Anathema is still a force to be reckoned with, and can easily down the player if not approached with caution.

1 Scourge The Invincible Martyr

Scourge is just a pain, especially at the higher Mayhem levels. While the Graveward is sufficiently strong, the Eridians saw fit to lock it away, and Anathema has several dangerous abilities, but Scourge is a raid boss.

As such, he has a large health bar, multiple immunity phases, and the imvincible moniker (a title reserved for end-game bosses in the series); defeating this angel-demon hybrid is a major undertaking both in-universe and for the player. Considering a rogue guardian figure implodes a planet (for reasons unknown) and holds a lot of power.

So far, everything has been set up for Borderlands 4.