The Project Overdose, Death Stranding 2, is bad news for PT fans

The Project Overdose, Death Stranding 2, is bad news for PT fans ...

With historical context in mind, Hideo Kojimas' upcoming series of games will likely be a dream come true for most of his long-time fan base. Following the original group's split in 2015, a robust program of future projects was never always a given for the newly-owned Kojima Productions, particularly considering its founder's other passions. Fortunately, these games, such as Death Stranding 2 and Project Overdose, will now be announced at some point in the future.

Although the Kojima Productions apparent slate of unannounced games has undoubtedly proved beneficial, the possibility of a new partnership between the studio and Microsoft would result in bad news for one part of Kojimas not too distant past. It's hard to imagine there being space for anything else, which means the dream of Kojima returning to PT and Silent Hills could essentially be ended.

Kojima's Full Schedule

The announcement of Hideo Kojima on Microsoft's Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase remains a mystery. It is therefore unsurprising that so many leaks and insider rumors have been doing the rounds online. This week, God of War: Ragnaroks has uncovered a slew of potential surprises.

While both Death Stranding 2 and Project Overdose are being discussed behind the scenes, Norman Reedus gives us insights and the logo for the latter title. It's difficult to imagine, for example, the actor being not told the name of the game he had previously launched. This apparent change is a significant development for the film.

With Kojima Productions working with Microsoft and Sony, two of the country's three major console manufacturers, its hard to imagine it having any other secret projects in the pipeline. From a logistical perspective, the studio will likely be too busy to discuss the PT or the game it once envisioned anytime soon. It was always unlikely that Silent Hills would have been released. That's why it's so difficult to believe that each participant involved has fully moved on.

Overdose the Horror Successor

The game that seemingly stars Margaret Qualley has been described as a horror experience, but it appears like Kojima has come back to the drawing board when it comes to its first and third-person approach. For example, the claustrophobic teaser's popularity is a departure from the original.

If Overdose turns out to be Microsoft's project, like many are theorizing, then there might be even greater bad news for PT fans. Between reports of Kojimas' desire to utilize the publisher's cloud-based technology, and rumors about the games' episodic release format, there's a possibility that Overdose might be a huge departure from Konamis' previous series. The way that Kojima has spoken about his Microsoft project as the game he's always wanted to create might be taken

Despite Kojima Productions' apparent intention to distance himself from the game, hope hasn't been lost. There are enough rumors about Konamis' desire to resurrect Silent Hill, so it's difficult to imagine the publisher ignoring demand for much longer. Leaked photographs and details, however, suggest that several projects are also being investigated along the lines. Hints within the Leaked logo, may also be a sign that Kojima will include some of the PTs flaws

According to reports, Death Stranding 2 is in development.