MHR Sunbreak Sub-Camp Locations Jungle & Citadel

MHR Sunbreak Sub-Camp Locations Jungle & Citadel ...

In Monster Hunter Rise, players may traverse vast maps to hunt for the titular monsters. The Sunbreak expansion is no different. Fortunately, Capcom has built in sub-camps that allow players to quickly traverse the map and save precious time during a hunt. Here's how to find and unlock the sub-camp for both the Jungle and the Citadel.

Jungle Sub-camp Location

The Jungle sub-camp is divided between zones seven and eight in the Jungle. Players will return to Elgado and speak with Oboro the Merchant for a quest to establish the camp. Oboro will task the hunter with killing eight Hermitaur and the tiny crabs that wander the Jungle in zones three and four. The new base camp will be ready to use once the camp has been completed!

Citadel Sub-camp Location

In the northeast corner of the map, the Citadel sub-camp is located north of area four. Once discovered, head back to Oboro the Merchant in Elgado for a quest to establish the camp. This time, he'll ask you to remove eight Boggis, which can be found in zones six and eight. Once completed, head back to Oboro to unlock the second new sub-camp!