The New BioShock Game Should Be More Likely Than Infinite

The New BioShock Game Should Be More Likely Than Infinite ...

The very first BioShock game, which was unveiled in 2007, received worldwide admiration. Its inventive use of setting, philosophical themes, and brutal combat made it one of the most memorable console games of its generation, and it continues to influence titles today. After BioShock: The Collection was confirmed, the franchise was quiet until 2019.

2K Games and Cloud Chamber Studios are certain to be keen on expanding the franchise, as well as BioShock 4, there was the possibility that a Netflix adaptation was in the works. However, the majority of BioShock 4's development has been hampered in a debacle. However, many supporters are worried that the sequel will have more in common with the previous game than with BioShock Infinite.

The Beauty Of The Original Game

While BioShock 2 still focused on Rapture and BioShock Infinite's fan-favorite submerged city, it was the first BioShock that truly stands head and shoulders above the other entries. It's hard to forget the first time seeing the horrible utopia crumbling away under the ocean waves as the bathysphere descends, and nothing in the subsequent games had quite the same impact. This may be why BioShock Infinite's DLC Burial at Sea brought players back to Rap

With its diverse gameplay, BioShock took the lead, and delivered a surprising and engaging experience that isn't seen in video games. Along with its macabre moments and brutal violence, BioShock was a mature game that was not afraid to push its protagonist or its players and put its plot front and center.

Why The Next Entry Should Emulate It

Although many players would like to see a return to what made the first BioShock great, this shouldn't be seen as a bias backward for BioShock 4. There are still a lot of things that can be improved upon, as well as its graphically-improved gameplay. BioShock's own combat is also crucial in BioShock 4, especially if the setting is quite different.

With no release date, no confirmed title, and no official setting, players have been speculating like crazy about BioShock 4 since it was launched. There are rumors of a space setting and cosmic horror elements, or an arctic location, to truly enhance the series' gameplay, but nothing is truly known about it, and no one knows how it will be developed, and other aspects of the game are uncovered. BioShock 4 may now be almost as much a mystery as when it was first introduced, but

BioShock 4 is in the works.

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