Talking Strange Hits Austin for RTX in Link Tank

Talking Strange Hits Austin for RTX in Link Tank ...

Talking Strange, a narrator, went to RTX in Austin, Texas on Friday for a live stream of spooky tales from one of America's scariest cities. Aaron Sagers spoke with some of Texas' finest paranormal investigators, including Stephen Belyeu from The Night Owl Podcast, Nicole Ricardo from The Real Ghosts Of, and Greg Lawson, the paranormal detective. Get up on the whole LVIE podcast, which will be available on Apple Podcasts

Tim Allen, an original Buzz Lightyear voice actor, discusses his recasting in the next Pixar film, but doesn't add anything to the conversation.

In a new interview withExtra, Chris Evans discusses his Buzz, and ignores the facts about him.

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Ant-Man discusses the theory we all had about how he might defeat Thanos on a humorous note during a recent Disney cruise.

The Wish will be the first passengers to experience Avengers: Quantum Encounter, a Marvel Studios dinner theater show. In it, actors from the films virtually reprise their roles for an in-universe dining experience where cruisers get a personalized, themed dinner and some banter over a particular purple Mad Titan.

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Lena Headey of Game of Thrones has been sued over the idea of Thor: Love and Thunder! Here are a few reasons why this is happening.

Imagine being cut from a movie and still being sued for it?! That baffling scenario is what happens to Lena Headey, who plays Thor: Love And Thunder as one of the many roles on the cutting floor. Unfortunately, her former agency does not care one way or another if she is in the film, but does not care for it as long as she gets paid for it and pays them in return.

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Someone is so passionate about the F-Zero game that they purchased $40,000 worth of Nintendo stock to talk to them about it.

Many Nintendo fans want a fresh introduction to the popular sci-fi racing series F-Zero. However, only one diehard fan was reportedly enough to spend over 5 million yen (environ $40,000 US) on Nintendo stock, giving him a chance to contact the Japanese publisher about F-Zero and its future directly.

Kotaku is a virtual reality business that is open to everyone.

After years of speculation, a new South Park film will air on Paramount+ next month.

South Park: The Streaming Wars will be released on Paramount+ on July 14, according to MTV Entertainment.

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