Season 13 of Blue Bloods: More Information on the Screening Start

Season 13 of Blue Bloods: More Information on the Screening Start ...

When will Blue Bloods Season 13 begin filming? This is always one of the biggest questions that is available this time of year. While there isnt 100% of a confirmed start date as of yet, we can offer you the next-best thing in a reasonable window.

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According to the most-recent Instagram post, executive producer Siobhan Byrne OConnor said the plan for filming to begin at the end of July. It is a bit later than we had previously seen (health crisis years excluded), but it still gives the cast and the crew plenty of time to bank episodes before the show returns in October.

Producers tend to prefer to film episodes for network television at least six weeks prior to when they are, as it gives the post-production crew plenty of opportunities to put them together after the fact. The window is a bit tighter throughout the season, but it is one of the reasons why you see some of the breaks when it comes to fresh episodes.

Once Blue Bloodsdoes premieres this fall, you'll get a couple of attempts in a row before you reach an end. The fall is often where we recuperate for wasted time, and also build momentum for what's coming story-wise the remainder of the year.

The kickoff of Season 13 includes some great things: Both Will Hochman (Joe) and Peter Hermann (Jack) will be featured in the premiere, and we were sure that a few other familiar faces will be scattered in throughout season. Few episodes understand how to incorporate their nostalgia quite likeBlue Bloodsdoes!

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