Showtime is 'Confirmed' by the Supreme Court

Showtime is 'Confirmed' by the Supreme Court ...

Showtime Documentary Films has announced a green-lit documentary series entitled Confirmed, which will feature a Hollywood bigshot. The limited series will be directed by Dawn Porter, who is passionate about the Supreme Court's decision.

The timely nature of the event will engage its audience and the newly cultivated interest in the Supreme Court's history, its judges, and their continued legacy. The program will depict how the decisions the Supreme Court makes have an impact on generations to come, not only on American life in general, but on humans' individual freedoms and lifestyle.

Porter is best known for her direction in her political films The Way I See It, a behind-the-scenes look at former Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan during their tenures, notably with photographer Pete Souza and John Lewis: Good Trouble. Perhaps, though, her most famous work came in Gideons Army, a documentary that urged criminal defendants to be granted counsel at trial, bringing three African American defense attorneys together.

Porters' next venture will be produced by Trilogy Films and Sony Pictures Television and will air in the beginning of next year. Vinne Malhotra, the Executive Vice President of Nonfiction Programming at the Showtime Network, expressed the news. When asked about the program, Malhotra said, you may easily argue that more than any election or institution, the future of the United States will be dictated by the Supreme Court's actions. Confirmed will provide crucial context to how we got to this moment in time,

Porter shared some of her thoughts on the new docu-series, stating, that we have not seen this series for months or months, but I have recently begun to describe it as a thriller. We literally are trying to keep up with a seemingly endless change. This project had the presence of mind to initiate, well before we knew what significant changes would occur during production. We hope everyone will tune in to learn more about one of America's fundamental rights and privileges. We all need to know how it works.

The new docu-series gives a better understanding of the United States Constitution's inner workings and the people who trusted to support it. There is currently no release date for the series.