How to Parry, Block, and Dodge in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

How to Parry, Block, and Dodge in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance ...

As players take control of cyborg Raiden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance does a poorly job explaining some of its most essential hand-to-hand gameplay components. However, Metal Gear Rising's memetic status has gained some fame since its publication, resulting in frequent return of gamers.

As Revengeance progresses and the cyborg protagonist takes on tough bosses, the need to parry and dodge attacks becomes a necessary feature of defeating headliners with a high skill rank. However, this guide may clarify the command-sensitive instructions for all frustrated players.

How To Parry & Counter

The Bladewolf Battle will likely be the first moment in which Revengeance players will require parrying skills, but knowing it from the start can greatly improve performance. For those who want to parry enemy attacks effectively, they must take steps to move in the enemy's direction (in relation to the camera) and press the attack button.

It doesn't matter what the attack looks like, just where the enemy is standing. Despite being on the right, the player must keep moving forward, even if they are on the left, press the button, and so forth. As long as Raiden is directed as if running towards the enemy, he will be in the correct position to prevent enemy attacks and heal in the midst of battle.

A flashing red light is also helpful to alert players when it's time to parry, and the direction it comes from is the point to parry in. This is therefore possible by following the red light pattern and parrying correctly, which is useful in boss battles like Monsoon.

Note that parrying an attack differs from the parry-counter attack. However, a standard parry requires the steps above to avoid an attack, but it is possible to counter the attack and then stun enemies after they attack. This requires precision and timing, but it may give players a valuable advantage during close quarters combat.

Raiden's 'Offensive Defensive' ability is unlocked partway through the game, thus players will not have it from the start. It is recommended that players buy it quickly to increase their chances against difficulties spikes later on.

The controls vary wildly based on versions, but these are accessible through in-game tutorial prompts. The main controls include moving the joystick/mouse in the required parry direction and tapping the command button (X on Xbox and Square on PS3) to successfully defend Raiden during combat.

How To Dodge, Roll, & Blade Cancel

Dodging/rolling is another vital component of Revengeance's powerful combat scenarios, although there is no dedicated dodge button on game controls, rather than the player's reaction and dexterity.

The use of the parry command may limit most attacks, but a defensive Defensive strategy is required for PS3 and Xbox 360 users to stick to the direction of the coming attacks. Press the X button for the XBOX controller or press the square button to achieve the result.

While Raiden is in use, players may 'lag cancel' out of Raiden's attacks even by tapping the Blade Mode button. During the use of the button, Raiden may enter and exit Blade Mode, reducing the time against attack windows as compared to the dodge move. The command is forced to cancel.

Blade-canceling isn't a problem, because it's actually an intentional gameplay mechanic. Despite Platinum Games' experience with fighting games, this feature is dependent on the player discovering this technique for themselves.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.