The Elden Ring player is a villain

The Elden Ring player is a villain ...

Elden Ring's character creator has allowed FromSoftware fans to be extremely creative, with many bringing characters from different franchises into the games world. However, this wizard is not the Lord of the Rings version, although there is something that distinguishes him.

While Gandalf's popularity makes him a somewhat obvious feature in Elden Ring, it is not the only time that someone has paid homage to J.R.R. Tolkiens, an extremely important franchise. A hugely interesting edit plucked Aragorn our of Middle-Earth and showcased his rise to Elden Lord, a process that proved quite challenging. Beyond that, Sam and Frodos' journey was recreated within Elden Ring, demonstrating how far the devotees are willing

FilthyScavenger, a Reddit user and Elden Ring player, gave a unique look at their design. A close-up of the model is also visible in the bottom right corner of the collage, showing Gandalf's long beard and grey hair. The zoom out also shows that he has wore some smart white robes, indicating that this is not the game given to the character.

This particular Elden Ring character is because it isn't quite a perfect representation of the original Gandalf. While the same facial features and clothing are present, these photographs demonstrate that this version of the character is extremely versatile. As such, this Gandalf absolutely deserves the title Gaindalf the Wide.

While players have had fun making fat versions of Malekith and Malenia, it appears that in-shape characters might become just as viable. Another fantastic image in the lineup shows Gandalf double portraying an epic pose, while a photo in the upper left corner shows the character striking an epic pose. This post has surpassed Reddit, with it having received over 3,000 votes thus far.

Gandalf appears to be the most appropriate inclusion in a while as a result of the article being submitted. Hope the Redditor will combine some more muscular Lord of the Rings characters.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.