The 17 Best Co-Operative Puzzle Games

The 17 Best Co-Operative Puzzle Games ...

Although it's fun gaming solo, sometimes you want to involve someone else in the action with you; whether it be a close friend, partner, or a complete stranger. Fortunately, cooperative games appear to be on the upswing, with several fantastic new additions arriving on shelves and digital libraries in the last few years.

Many of these cooperative adventures include puzzle-solving components, that require you to both work together and communicate well in order to reach your goal. So whether you're looking to escape a frightening labyrinth, explore a gravity-defying world, or even play as two geese waddling their way to village residents - here are some of the best cooperative puzzle-solving games out there.

Geoffrey Martin, who has updated the 29th of June 2022, believes that puzzle games can be quite challenging, often requiring you to think outside the box to find a solution. In theory, puzzle games that allow you to bring a friend or family member out to take part in the ride reduce some of the whole challenge. These are some of the best when it comes to solving puzzles and traveling on an adventure in co-op.

17 Very Very Valet

Very Very Valet is a humorous party puzzle game that is raving with off-the-wall shenanigans. If you didn't already guess from the game's title, you play as a valet driver. Your chosen cartoony valet driver is diligently to collect many cars as quickly as possible in order to park them and eventually retrieve them for your customers.

While this setup may sound unquestionably simple and even complex, nothing might be farther from the truth, especially when playing this one in a zany co-op. This game is truly a thrill as you work with your chosen co-op partner to drive around the vehicles which ends up becoming puzzles, since you have to navigate them through specific stage-based hazards and scenarios.

16 Good Job!

If you haven't played the fantastic puzzle adventure game Good Job, then you should be careful to keep it right away, especially in the co-op. In this game, you play as the inheritor of a successful CEO, and it's now up to you to work your way to the top, literally and figuratively.

Good Job! Explores a physics-based mayhem that will guide you through the various stages of a large office building, solving environmental puzzles, interacting with objects, and, of course, causing tons of damage. While the game is fun solo, adding a friend to the mix transforms this game from a simple puzzle experience to a bonkers one.

15 39 Days To Mars

After years of uncertainty, this Kickstarter-funded project by It's Anecdotal has finally come to an end, launching as a special indie puzzler. The charming co-op game enables two players to collaborate through a series of creative brain-busters as they embark on a brief but memorable journey to Mars by airship.

These 19th-century explorers must scramble to solve problems on board so they can reach their destination in one piece. Whimsical themes and stylized, hand-drawn visuals add a sense of character to the experience, enchanting players as they grapple with clever puzzles to keep the ship. Tasks range from churning mechanical contraptions to assembling maps and even the simple act of making tea.

14 Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together

This wonderful puzzler fills the sense of playing in an elementary school art class. Similar to that, Snipperclips employs imagination and improvisation on the spot to solve complex puzzles.

The puzzles in the game revolve around rotating and overlapping controllable shapes in order to select new ones, which are then used to transport or otherwise interact with other objects. Communication is key here, as both players will be working through a slew of random scenarios on the spot, with little to no guidance. This colorful co-op romp makes for a fun little diversion that is beneficial for some laughs.

13 Death Squared

This mechanical game, which was originally released by SMG Studio in early 2017, harkens back to the old-school puzzler look, while standing out in an era when bigger and more bombastic seemingly equals better. But this blocky title, however, features a few deceptively tedious tasks that keep players coming back for more.

To progress through the countless block mazes, two players will need to be precise and work in sync. This includes clearing obstacles and platforms by triggering contraptions and matched with switches of the same color.

12 Human Fall Flat

Due to the gruesome ragdoll physics, navigating through these courses may seem counter-productive and divisive, but in the aptly named Human Fall Flat, there are a slew of online players coming to the game in a series of increasingly complicated stages. From there, they'll stumble, stumble, and crawl their way through several puzzles, while dealing with obstacles.

The laughs this choppy experience brings together the blend of drunken physics, booming crowds, and the relative precision the game requires to proceed. Something as simple as setting a bridge and scurrying across can be a tough, treacherous act.

11 A Way Out

Those seeking a somewhat grittier, cinematic interface should look no further than this 2018 effort from Hazelight Studios and EA. Though it is more action-adventure than a straight-up puzzle game, A Way Out assists players with discovering solutions and working through tasks together in order to progress.

It's a fun and engaging experience with much on the lineas where players must collaborate to sneak, fight, and maneuver their way out of prison while steer clear of the authorities. Uniquely, this unique game emphasizes local split-screen play, as many of these actions require discussion and knowledge.

10 Labyrinthine

As you escape a creepy children's hedge-maze together and hope to endure the bloodcurdling horrors engulfed in the world, Labyrinthe is unique.

Labyrinthine was built for cooperative play between four players, and plays like a classic puzzle-solver; everyone must know what they're doing and work together in order to uncover the hidden secrets around each corner. In one piece, every individual gets a chance to escape the chaos.


Dyo is a journey for two players and begins a series of roles in which they are both trapped on one side of a split-screen, and who must work together to escape the tense sandbox they have been trapped inside.

You must each be able to control your Minotaur and utilize your ability to hop over the split-screen to mix and manipulate levels, working together to solve platforming puzzles and cross the paths to your freedom. So sit back and get puzzling and try not to yell at each other as you both try to solve this maze's traps and tricks.

8 Tick Tock: A Tale For Two

Tick Tock: A Tale For Two is a game in which playing solo isn't an option, as you'll need two of you working together in an escape room game.

The narrative is based on Scandinavian folklore, creating a stunning but not slightly eerier setting. It's critical to freedom by collaboration, where you and your partners must be honest enough to understand what's going on and solve the story's mysteries in tandem.

7 We Were Here Trilogy

We Were Here is an unusual experience, neoclassic, where you and your partner are separated, and you may begin collaborating on puzzles both independently and together through your communicative walkie-talkies in order to establish your locations and (hopefully) escape.

We Were Here is a well-known first-person cooperative adventure, with both of you having to learn valuable objects and communicate well in order to avoid each other's puzzles and reach the end. It's great for those looking for a short escape room style adventure game, and with a trilogy and a fourth game to be released, there's no time like the present to be picking this title up.

6 Portal 2

A new entry into the cooperative puzzle genre, but one is still compelling as a two-player co-op adventure for you and a friend to spend hours upon hours disgraced.

The cooperative mode of Portal 2 has a whole different campaign environment, which includes a unique story, portal mechanics, and two new characters to play as. Teamwork is key to success, as in learning how to work together, you'll learn new ways to use portals, and hopefully create a way of escape from the test chambers. Glados is a very good player.

5 Ibb and Obb

Ibb and Obb is a fun and whimsical cooperative puzzle game based on gravity-changing mechanics to help you move past obstacles and have some fun level-solving.

It's great for an easy game to play together on the couch, and it will keep you coming back again and again with some tough and challenging puzzles, although nothing your teamwork can't solve.

4 Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is arguably the finest couch co-op, with you and another player struggling to solve platforming puzzles in order to progress through the stages and save two children from being too scared to hurt them.

The result of the game's remarkable scenery and gameplay, which is varied from finding a sad but disturbing tale to finding difficult-to-reach sites.

3 Untitled Goose Game

The world's (lower) favorite goose is back, and this time he's got company. The Untitled Goose Game co-op allows two geese to travel through the village's story together, solving problems, stalking locals and even honking.

This is a great relaxing game for two people, with you able to work together to solve your list of errands without a time limit. So whether it be chasing a boy into a phone box, wearing a fancy bow, or stealing an old man's slipper - why not do it together?

2 Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3 is one of the best multiplayer games to have released on the Switch, combining classic Mario platforming with fantastic puzzle-solving elements.

While the game starts in single-player, unlocking Luigi's new friend and constant companion Gooigi allows another player to pick up the switch controller and join you, making this a completely cooperative adventure. Luigi's Mansion 3 will allow you to both explore areas and areas Luigi would struggle to alone while clearing obstacles and thwarting bosses, and is a great option for those who don't want to be scared by gaming spirits and ghouls.

1 It Takes Two

The critically acclaimed film It Takes Two examines the rocky relationship between husband Cody and wife May, which has been transformed into dolls by their unwitting young daughter.

It Takes Two requires you to master your character's unique abilities and, most importantly, collaborate in order to solve puzzles and navigate obstacles. So grab your friend and get ready to bobsleigh through a snowglobe, fight gangster squirrels, and pilot a pair of pants in this award-winning game bringing the cooperative genre to an end.