Season 4 premiere date for Succession: Could it fit into season 5 strategy?

Season 4 premiere date for Succession: Could it fit into season 5 strategy? ...

We know that Season 4 of Succession has just begun production, and that since then, we were all thinking about a premiere date. How can we not?

We do wish to ask something else about this season: Is it too early to start thinking about Season 5? Is it possible that HBO might be planning this upcoming season out with the following one in mind?

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We know that the Jeremy Strong Brian Cox series will likely be back this year, even if it would be 100% incredible if it happened. Despite this, there are ten episodes overall this season, one more than we have ever seen before. As a result, cox and others have stated that this is a show that will at least make it to season 5, and we believe the network may be inclined to make an early announcement.

What are we getting to this end? It's pretty simple: If HBO does not plan to have a season 4 premiere date, then it's unlikely that season 5 will be hiatus again, especially since seasons 2 and 3. It will not be the only factor in the audience's judgment, however it will likely be on their mind.

Beyond that, when do you think the show will premiere? Don't worry, please share your thoughts right now! Check back for more updates once you do everything. (Photo: HBO.)