Season 2 spoilers for Power Book IV: Force: Meet a New Big Bad?

Season 2 spoilers for Power Book IV: Force: Meet a New Big Bad? ...

Is there a fresh large threat for Tommy Egan as we approach Starz's Power Book IV: Forceseason 2? Based on the most recent information, there is at least a possibility.

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According to a Variety, Southalum Manuel Eduardo Ramierz will perform a series regular on the upcoming season, which was intended to premiere in early 2023. (After all, the show is already in production,!) So who will he play?

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Miguel Garcia is the character of Ramirez, who is described as a mean, violent, and dominant alpha man. He works to earn money but will do anything to protect those he loves. The author suggests that one of the people he loves might be his own sister, according to Mireya Garcia. This is the case, for instance, since it appears that this name has been verified, just by the last name and the profile alone.

If the players are still in season 2, there is a severed Flynn family, a split-up CBI, the Garcia family, and potentially any remnants of the Serbian mob, depending on how many threats there is, or is there really being something? We just know that was going to be Liliana very much.

What you think is Tommys greatest danger, so please keep an eye on it right away. (Photo: Starz.)