Nemesis' Return to the Star Trek: Nemesis Cameo

Nemesis' Return to the Star Trek: Nemesis Cameo ...

Kate Mulgrew's return to the role of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, who fans first met during Voyager's original run from 1995 to 2001, was inspired by an angry Delta Quadrant filled with Borg, and when she finally got her crew back home, Starfleet promoted the captain to vice admiral.

Fans of Star Trek may remember that the Admiral Janeways promotion was first revealed on the big screen, just a year after Voyager released its final episode on UPN. In 2002, the fan-favorite character finally made the jump to theaters with a surprise comeo in Star Trek: Nemesis, the third film starring Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise. In fact, the Admiral Janeway embarked on a dangerous diplomatic mission to the Romulan Empire, which truly started off the

The film is less than a minute long, and Mulgrew appears in the audience in a video call that was patched into a Picards ready room. Yet, it still pushes Janeways forward in a major way, giving her a new role in the Star Trek universe that is now being explored more on the Prodigy animated series.

In Showtimes The Man Who Fell to Earth, Mulgrew spoke to Den of Geek about Drew Finch, her enigmatic CIA agent, but explained why she was going to film her Nemesis scene.

Mulgrew claims that the sound stage was strange. It was quite successful. It was immediately afterVoyager, if it was in the last week ofVoyager.

The finale of the Voyagers two-part series Endgame was aired on May 23, 2001, with Nemesis to begin filming in November of that year, meaning Mulgrew filmed her cameo months before the rest of the cast shot their scenes.

Mulgrew learned in 2021 that after the release of Nemesis, she then returned to the Star Trek universe for her character Prodigy. He then talks about how she would go back to the hospital.

Mulgrew admits that Star Trek is experiencing a massive resurgence. I have to tuck my hat to [Star Trek creative head Alex] Kurtzman because hes assumed the mantle. He took it from [longtime Star Trek executive producer] Rick Berman, and he's done an amazing job. He's a keen man.

Mulgrew believes she is enthused by this innovative era of Janeway tales, but she wasn't always so sure she should return for Prodigy.

Mulgrew claims that at first I was a bit trepidatious. But only briefly. Everyone said, well youre absolutely a fool! This is going to be fantastic for children. Its for kids the one demographic that Star Trek has somehow avoided.

The actor believes that developing the animated series is extremely rewarding because it was specifically designed for a fresh, younger audience. To get it right for children who are sitting next to their mothers who watched Star Trek: Voyager. It really reflects the meaning and significance of Star Trek.

Mulgrew believes that casting a character will never happen again in live action? She has recently apologized as much, and told Den of Geek that she has already talked about it with some of her Voyager colleagues.

Were always talking, by definition, friends are Robert Picardo and John de Lancie. Were always touching down and crossing paths. But when we do talk about Star Trek, all of us are just so amazed that it constantly reinvents itself. I think that fact only speaks to its kind of undying virtues. I know that Jeri [Ryan] loves doingPicard. If the opportunity arises, then we should continue.

Later today, you may learn more from our interview with Mulgrew!

Ryan Britt contributed analysis for this piece.