Cameron Diaz allegedly feels about starring in Jamie Foxxs Netflix film about coming out of retirement

Cameron Diaz allegedly feels about starring in Jamie Foxxs Netflix film about coming out of retireme ...

Cameron Diaz has signed on for her first film in many years, and it's set to star Jamie Foxx. This was a surprise, considering the Charlies Angels actress had been removed from the business, and was open about her displeasure in returning to Hollywood as she raises a family. As excitement for Diaz starring in Netflixs Back In Action, we may now have an idea of her headspace.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz will be working together again after starring in Annie in 2014 (Diaz's most recent acting credit, bringing Diaz out of retirement) on Wednesday. Several people shared how the actress allegedly feels about making a movie again.

She is a bit rusty and nervous about it, but she is mostly depressed. She is ready to start filming.

The source alleged that her husband of seven years Benji Madden, reportedly, encouraged her to retire while also declaring that Back in Action is a fantastic film for her to make a return. Much of the decision may have involved Jamie Foxxs, whom she apparently had a good time collaborating with.

Jamie Foxx shared a recording of a conversation about working together again on Wednesday. Cameron Diaz expressed her excitement but feels like she didnt know how to do this after years away from a movie set. Foxx surprised the actress by putting Tom Brady on the line to give her a few recommendations on how to withdraw. Check it out:

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After a career as a model, Cameron Diaz established her Hollywood career with The Mask, where she appeared alongside Jim Carrey. After a successful career, Diaz quickly became a well-known actress in films like My Best Friends Wedding, Theres Something About Mary, and Being John Malkovich during the 21st century. In the process, she became known as one of the most notable names in the entertainment industry.

After her retirement from Hollywood, she married Good Charlotte band member Benji Madden in 2015, and the two had a daughter via surrogate in 2019. When she once explained why she does not star in movies anymore, said that the time she spent away from the business in order to raise a family has been the most rewarding thing. Avaline, with reportedly over 20 wine companies, has also reportedly established a strong presence among brands.

Back In Action's production will start later this year, according to an Instagram post. Generally speaking, if Cameron Diaz is really "nervous," it appears she received strong support from her co-star when it comes to getting back into the loop of things for the film, which will be available with a Netflix subscription in 2023.